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Eliason-class Snowmobile

This article originally appeared in the May/June 2019 issue.

CraftID: Eliason Class Snowmobile, TL7, Cr 4,749
Hull: 1/1, Displacement=0.185, Conf=0USL Open, Armour=4C, Loaded=0.3996 tons, Unloaded=0.1725 tons
Power: 1/2, Gas Turbine=0.02 Mw, Duration=5/15
Loco: 1/2, Track, P/W=30, Road*=109 kph, Off Road=43.6 kph
Comm: Radio=V Dist (50 km)
Sensors: Headlight, Passive IR
Off: Hardpoints=1
Def: DefDM=+2
Control: Panel=Electronic x1
Accom: Crew=1 (Driver), Seats=Cramped x1
Other: Fuel=0.096 klitres, Cargo=0.22035 klitres, ObjSize=Small, EmLevel=Moderate
Comment: Price in Quantity=Cr 3,799

The Eliason Class Snowmobile is a passenger transport vehicle intended for crossing snow and ice. Built by Hess Motors of Udesh, although similar specification vehicles can be found across the old Empire, the Snowmobile is a utility vehicle for anyone needing to travel in the winter. The Snowmobile is not intended to travel on roads(*) unless they have been covered with snow and ice, and the performance of the vehicle is dependent on the terrain conditions. Where the terrain is flat and consistent such as crossing frozen lakes speeds approaching its listed road speed can be achieved, and snowmobile racing is a recognised sport on Udesh.

The minimal cargo capacity allows for small loads to be carried without the need for a rucksack to be worn by the driver. The radio can be used both for two way communications as well as to listen to broadcast news and entertainment, and the passive IR sensor was installed to better identify living creatures against the cold of winter.

Editor’s note: The image was not included with the article submission, and was available from Pixabay.com as “free for commercial use, no attribution required”