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Eisenhardt-class Armored Limousine

Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared in Freelance Travellers December 2011 issue.

CraftID: Eisenhardt Class Armored Limousine, TL7, Cr 21,335
Hull:    1/1, Displacement=1.5, Conf=4USL, Armor=25C,
         Loaded=10.0284 tons, Unloaded=9.8003 tons
Power:   1/2, Gas Turbine=0.342 Mw, Duration=10 hours
Loco:    1/2, Wheels=6, P/W=34.1, Road=113kph, Offroad=17kph
Comm:    Radio=Regional x2 (500 km)
Sensors: Headlights x2
Off:     Hardpoints=1
Def:     DefDM=+2
Control: Electronic x3,
Accom:   Crew=1 (Driver), Seats=Cramped×2, Adequate×4, Env=basic env
Other:   Fuel=0.228 klitres, Cargo=0.0001 klitres,
         ObjSize=Small, EmLevel=Faint

The Eisenhardt-class Armored Limousine is a luxury passenger transport vehicle intended to move VIPs on road in sufficient safety to get to their destination. The Eisenhardt is built by Hess Motors of Udesh, although similar specification vehicles can be found across the old Empire.

The cargo compartment can be accessed only internally to the vehicle and is usually provisioned as a drinks cabinet. The driver’s compartment at the front of the vehicle is distinct from the passenger compartment at the rear, and a sound proof screen can be put up or down as may be necessary. The two radios, one in the driver’s compartment and one in the passenger’s, can be used both for two way communications and was as to listen to broadcast news and entertainment.