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Trailbluffer Boots

This article originally appeared in the January/February 2014 issue.

Maker of some of the most durable and well-known boots in the Imperium, Trailbluffer started as a small company on Henoz/Rhylanor making work boots. Word of the quality spread and they expanded into markets for explorers, hunters and mercenaries. They bid on a contract for the Scouts and, though they failed to win the contract, they gained a following as word spread from the review team about the comfort and quality of the boots. Soon they became a ‘must-have’ for Imperial officers in most services, and the company flourished. Other service members found them useful as well, including anyone who ever had ship shoes sucked off their feet crossing a muddy Class D landing field.

Trailbluffer boots come in a variety of styles, but each pair comes with a seven-year integrity guarantee. The high-tech materials are waterproof, resistant to stains, tears, wear, mud, most solvents and corrosives. They are built to be easily and quickly custom-fitted to the wearer, meaning that break-in time is almost non-existent. The purchaser’s information is kept in a memory crystal implanted in the boot, and lifetime refitting is included with the purchase. Refitting is only done by a qualified tech, and they will not resize boots if your information does not match the boot chip.

The most basic type is a calf-length boot with detachable knee guards, brown or black, with clasp closures along the sides although pull-on and lace-up styles are available. Crushproof toes and laminate shanks are standard.

Options include a broad variety of colors and textures, including simulated exotic animal hide. Real leather, laminated to the exterior, is available although it is not covered by the damage warranty.

The really high-end models have memory coating and a chip with a few dozen color and texture combinations, to allow instant adaptation of the boots to a changing wardrobe. Boots come in Engineer, Equestrian, Hiking, Dress, Military and other styles. (It is reported that black market chips can make the surface appear to be skin that has come from sentient beings—human skin, Vargr or Aslan fur, K’kree leather, etc. Use of these chips, if they do exist, will instantly void all warranties).

A variety of sole treads and materials can be chosen, and can include magnetic soles (a power pack must be attached), retractable tree climbing spikes, retractable crampons, or toe spikes.