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Found in higher grade SPA facilities across Imperial space, and some of the larger passenger ships, the TinTailor provides clothing tailored to the user in a short period of time. It resembles a chunky photo booth, the user scanned for their dimensions then selecting garments from the substantial list of designs - which thoughtfully provides a 3D pic of what the user will look like when garbed.

Once designs are selected and the money deposited, with cash or electronic facilities available, tin tailor gets to work. The clothing is chemically created, mixing various synthetic polymers, that have an all natural feel, spraying the powder mix into the memory plastic mould. It takes about five minutes per shirt or set of pants, with up to three garments in process at a time. A Traveller with lost luggage could probably replace their wardrobe in the space of an hour. They can even nominate a delivery address and for a small additional charge TinTailor will organise a courier.

While the look and feel of the garment will be what the user desires, the product is of course, entirely artificial. While certain positive additives are used in the manufacture, including dirt and fire repelling properties, unfortunate individuals with allergies to synthetics may on occasion experience a reaction. TinTailor of course stipulates this in a cheery voice the moment a user enters the booth.

TinTailor is not cheaper than sweatshop labour from a populated low tech world, though its prices are comparable to other synthetic manufacture. Its main benefit is convenience for someone that needs clothes in a hurry, and the fact that almost any garment type can be replicated.

Item Stats

Unit Cost 450k, Space required: 0.5 D tons, Traveller Tech C, Profit Margin 9-12% per garment. It can make approx 1000 standard sized garments (shirt sized) before requiring recharging. The unit monitors its chemical stocks and will order supplies as required based on various analytical tools to determine future business.

Evil GM Note

Hidden through a maze of front companies and the like TinTailor turns out to be owned by an elite intelligence agency to assist in tracking targets. The utilisation for espionage of such items is obvious, for someone travelling light can replicate an entire wardrobe, tailoring the clothing to whatever legend they are operating under. The TinTailor(tm), using metabolic scanners, takes a biometric reading of the user and compares it to a hidden file listing those under watch. Should one of those people use a booth the TinTailor(tm) will alert the nearest agency presence (sometimes just an X-mail sent to the closest system with an 'office').