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Wetzler Medical’s Pocket Defibrillator (Model H180/10c)

This article originally appeared in the May/June 2019 issue.

Editor’s note: This product description is written from the point of view of the author’s own “Permatic Imperium” Traveller universe setting, rather than the standard setting.

TL: C (12). Mass: 0.25 kg. Cost: Cr 700.
Dimensions: 12 cm 6 cm 1.75 cm.


Wetzler Medical’s Pocket Defibrillator (Model H180/10c) is one of the most common brands of human rated pocket defibrillators seen in the Permatic Imperium. The device is manufactured at an interstellar tech level and has a ruggedized form factor designed for use by both medical professionals and untrained personnel in field situations such as first response or combat operations. This device is rated for a three (3) deck fall and continued functioning as well as up to 4 hours unprotected use in hostile environments such corrosive atmospheres (after which point the insulation on the leads is eaten through and short circuits are likely). It is not designed to be used in conductive liquid environments but can be submerged, it can also be exposed to vacuum conditions as the form factor is sealed when properly closed. It is part of every human’s personal first aid kit issued to regular members of the Permatic Imperial Armed Forces (Army, Navy, and Marines); Commandos and the Royal Armed Services (Navy and Marines) carry a much more complicated and proprietary device. It can also be found in most Medic kits sold on high tech worlds and on Guild Liners for use till the ship’s professional crew can get to the emergency. In addition it is popular with Travellers who can carry one in those instances when a professional medic isn’t available.

Advances in energy storage brought about by a society’s rise to the stars allows this device a form factor that is compact and still capable of holding 10 charges at maximum charge. The Pocket Defibrillator comes in a self contained case which includes the base unit with battery, a dedicated Model/0 pre-loaded with cardiac diagnostic/treatment software with text, voice, and graphic user prompts, 15 sets of sensor/charge pads, and a wire set with clamps to connect the pads to the base unit. Pocket Defibrillators can be easily purchased from medical supply companies either on worlds with TL-C or better as well as most Class A or B starports.

Replacing the consumables (pads and battery) costs Cr 150.

Models with rechargeable batteries can be purchased for an additional Cr 100 and come with a variety of the most common recharging connectors. In some locations this item can also have an electrical stunner installed for Cr 50. It takes 2 hours to complete the modification by a Certified Armorer (Exotics) and is compliant with Law Level-6 standards for use and carry.

Author’s Note: Other brands as well as lower tech versions are available without the ruggedized features and fewer charges down to TL-A and of course higher tech versions with better features, more charges, and tougher form factor are available as well. Variations are available for non-human and non-standard human species which also have a cardiac system for blood or its analogs but is not consistent with standard Type-T human anatomy.

This device meets the minimum form factor, usability, and technology level (medical device) standards required for issue to human (Type-T, standard) members of the Imperial Armed Forces.