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NHR 2000 Sensor Drone Robot

This article originally appeared in the May 2013 issue.


Robot ID: NHR 2000 Senor Drone Robot, TL10, Cr63,714, URP=4Fx01x, STR=4, DEX=15, INT=0, EDU=1
Hull: 1/1, Size=0.0945kl, Config=5SL, Armor=1E, Unloaded=0.0249 tons, Loaded=0.02504 tons
Power: Batt=0.04326 Mwh, 1/2, Solar=0.00321 Mw, Duration=1.43 on batteries
Loco: 1/2, LoPwrH-GravThrust=0.4 tons, NOE=40kph, CruiseAtm=750kph, TopAtm=1000kph, MaxAcc=16G
Commo: Radio=Cont×2 (5000km), Interface=Brain, Program, Power
Sensors: ActEMS=Dist (5km)
Off: Hardpoints=1
Def: DefDM=+3
Brain: NHR Low Function 10: CPU=Linear×7, Storage=Std×11, FundLogic=LoData, FundCmd=LtdBasic, Software= Grav Vehicle-1
Control: Panel=0
Other: Cargo=0.00014kl, ObjSize=Small, EMLevel=Faint
Comment: Cost in Quantity=Cr 50,971

The NHR 2000 Sensor Drone is New Home Robotics’ first foray into Grav-powered robots. The robot is designed just to relay the date gathered from its active sensors back to base via one of the radios, while being controlled via the other. NHR found that the initial market for them was limited due to the duration of the power source, and the time it took the solar panels to re-charge the batteries (1.36 hours), however, they are starting to be picked up as flexible/fixed hovering sensor platforms using direct power attachments that can then break out and report on specifics as the operator may wish.

While the drone is about the size of a basket ball it weighs only 25kg and thanks to its grav drive is incredibly fast. Once spotted and identified the NHR 200 can be onto anything in its sensor range in a matter of seconds.

Some owners have customised their NHR 2000’s by swapping out the NHR Low Function 10 brain with a NHR Low Function 100 to allow for Recon-1 to be added at the expense of batteries and autonomous duration, however this is seen as acceptable if the NHR 2000 is deployed as a flexible/fixed hovering sensor platform.