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NHR Low-Function 10 Robot Brain

This article originally appeared in the March/April 2020 issue.

The Brain is a standard design used to fit into any manner of robot chassis and vehicles to provide relatively good skills at a very reasonable price. The design has been adapted to be able to take any manner of programs and standard fittings have been designed to make integration into robot or vehicle chassis a simple procedure.

This brain has a CP Multiplier of 80 at TL8, 90 at TL9, 100 at TL10 and 110 at TL11.

The NHR low Function 10 Robot Brain provides INT 0 and EDU 1, allowing for a skill of size 4 to be run. Available programs for this brain are any one of the skills in the table below.

The price of the software is not included in the price of the brain.

Robot ID: NHR Low Function 10 Robot Brain, TL8, Cr 7,150, UPP=xxx01x, INT=0, EDU=1
Hull: 6.9 litres, Unloaded=1.8 kg
Power: External=0.83 kw
Loco: -
Commo: -
Sensors: -
Off: -
Def: -
Brain: CPU=Linear×7, Storage=Standard×11, FundLogic=LowData, FundCmd=LimitedBasic, Software=See Below
Append: -
Other: ObjSize=Small, EMLevel=None
Comment: Cost in quantity=Cr 5,720

This brain is identical at TL9, 10 and 11.

NHR Low-Function 10 Robot Available Skills
Program Cost   Program Cost   Program Cost
Air Cushion Vehicle Cr800   Grav Vehicle Cr800   Security Cr400
ATV Cr400   Gunnery Cr800   Sensor Ops Cr800
Cargo Handling Cr400   Hunting Cr800   Ship’s Boat Cr800
Communications Cr800   Intrusion Cr800   Stealth Cr800
Construction Cr800   Janitorial Cr400   Survival Cr600
Demolition Cr800   Lab Tech Cr800   Steward Cr600
Electronics Cr800   Mechanical Cr1000   Vacc Suit Cr400
Forgery Cr600   Recon Cr800   Weapon (any one) Cr600
Forward Observer Cr800