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NHR 1100 Fishery Robot

This article originally appeared in the April 2013 issue.


Robot ID: NHR 1100 Fisherybot, TL10, Cr 39,085.5 UPP=xxx03x
Hull: 1/1, Size=6.75 kl, Config=2SL, Armor=4E, Unloaded=710.2kg, Loaded=6,703.3kg
Power: 1/2, FuelCell=211.8kw, Duration=7/21
Loco: 1/2, StdGravThrust=2000kg, NOE=40kph, CruiseAtm=270kph, TopAtm=360kph, MaxAccel=0.31G
Commo: Radio=VDist (50 km), Interface=Brain
Sensors: Radar=Dist(all weather), ActAudio=Dist, Environ
Off: Hardpoints=1
Def: DefDM=+2
Brain: NHR Low Function 110 CPU=Linear×7, Storage=Std×30, FundLogic=LowData, FundCmd=LtdBasic, Software=Grav Vehicle-1, Hunting-2
Control: Panel=Electronic Link
Append: -
Other: Cargo=5934.8 litres, Fuel=454.9 litres, Fish Scoops, ObjSize=Small, EMLevel=Faint

The NHR 1100 Fisherybot is a basic and low-cost fishing robot designed to travel anywhere on a worlds surface its oceans and seas with the ability to carry a ton of cargo. It comes supplied with a variety of seafood hunting options, although it is limited to one type of seafood at a time.

A single NHR 1100 can catch up to 0.43 metric tons of seafood, enough to feed approximately 3,000 sophonts, and can keep in touch with its base, returning with its catch as needed. The NHR uses an adaption of vehicle fuel scoops to travel over its prey and scoop them into its holding tanks where they are kept alive with a constant flow of water. The 1100’s tanks are rarely filled with high density seafood and thus its performance is considerably better than the 0.31G rating.

The NHR 1100 costs Cr391 annually to maintain, and lasts for approximately 10 years of full operations.