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Norge “Duello” Dueling Pistol

This article originally appeared in the November 2014 issue.

From the Norge-Dynamics advertising copy:

Laser accurate to 50m, the Duello delivers a 12mm jacketed hollow-point slug at 1200fps (365.75m/s) using a single-shot, self-contained gauss cartridge. The cartridge contains sufficient power to cycle the weapon’s system once in order to fire the bullet. To reload and eject the cartridge the barrel swivels forward to reveal the breech when the ambidextrous release lever forward of the trigger guard is depressed. The cartridge, resembling a necked rifle cartridge, is factory-sealed and composed of high-impact polymers. Once expended, the cartridges can be returned at the point of purchase for 50% credit towards new rounds. The only bullet type available is the standard licensed dueling round, in compliance with civil dueling regulations.

The factory-sealed cartridge with a licensed imprint ensures Seconds and Officiates alike that there has been no tampering with the cartridge prior to use. A quick scan using a pocket computer loaded with the current licensing app will confirm the round’s validity and provide a convenient timestamp with dual printouts for use by each of the principals should any litigation arise from the duel. Upon scanning the cartridge, registration with the legal authorities is conveniently made automatically provided the computer is linked to the planetary Net at the time of the duel. Norge-Dynamics provides all licensing at time of purchase for each cartridge, and updates are free, but no liabilities are assumed by the manufacturer (other than manufacturing defects and warranty issues) for injuries incurred by improper use of the ammunition or weapon.

Norge-Dynamics “Duello” Dueling Pistol TL-12
Single shot gauss pistol (10mm)


      Dexterity Modifiers
Mass 600g   Minimum Required DEX 5 DM –3
Length 350mm   Advantageous DEX 11 (B) DM +2


Range Modifiers
Close Short Medium Long Very Long Damage
-2 +2 +2 0 -3 3D6+4


Armor Modifiers
None Jack Mesh Cloth Ablat Battle
+3 +2 0 -2 +1 -6

Price= Cr1500+ Depending on materials used for furniture and engraving.
Ammunition= Cr100 per cartridge.