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Chemical Laser Cartridge Revolver

This article originally appeared in Issue #001 of the downloadable PDF magazine.

The CLC (Chemical Laser Cartridge) Revolver is a popular choice of sidearm for some, despite, or perhaps because of its somewhat dangerous close and direct exhaust of the hot toxic byproducts of firing. The very low pressure and velocity exhaust is vented directly below the barrel and can set fire to flammables in close proximity. Favored like all lasers for its lack of recoil this has the added, in the opinion of some, flash (both literally and figuratively) of the exhaust. While almost silent it is far from subtle and can temporarily blind those looking at the barrel, or firing it without proper eye protection.

The CLC used in this weapon resembles a small shotgun cartridge and is available in various frequencies as determined by the makeup of the chemicals and components, allowing selection and tuning for the best atmospheric performance. The specifics are noted by a stamp and color coding on each cartridge and in the case of the CLC Revolver the barrel must be manually tuned by selecting the appropriate insert. Mismatching the barrel insert and CLC will result in sub-optimal lasing and possible damage. Using other than the best frequency for specific atmospherics will result in reduced range and damage due to beam scatter.

Very compact and light, but limited to six cartridges at a time, the CLC Revolver may be holstered for ease of carry and even concealment. Care must be taken to allow sufficient cooling before reholstering, and gloves and face protection should be worn when firing, to avoid possible burns and chemical contamination. It is normally available in two finishes, matte black (shown below left) and brushed nickel (below right).

In game terms it is introduced at TL11 and refined at TL13. The higher TL version having better range and damage, but both less than a Laser Carbine. Weight is slightly less than that of a normal revolver, and it may even pass casual viewing as a simple revolver, especially while holstered. Price varies, being cheaper than a Laser Carbine by about half, when available legally. Law level restriction is one less than a Laser Carbine due to the nature of the weapon.

The graphics in this article were created by the author using PimpMyGun by "Dr. Noob" at http://pimpmygun.doctornoob.com/.