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Anderson J-90 Personal Defense Body Pistol

The Anderson J-90 Personal Defense Body Pistol is designed for discretion. The weapon is constructed entirely of plastics and ceramics in order to avoid registering on simple metal detectors and its diminutive size makes it easy to conceal in a pocket, a purse or, in a recent demonstration, in the heel of a combat boot. With overall dimensions of a mere 85 x 70 x 14mm including stowed silencer, a hollowed boot heel was shown to accommodate the weapon along with a small box of essential spare parts. A similar compartment comfortably held three spare magazines.

Ammunition for the J-90 is similarly discreet. The 30 x 5.5mm rimfire rounds are plastic cased and have a plastic-jacketed ceramic crystal head. The jacket prevents excessive barrel wear which would occur with a bare crystal round. The long case holds an extra charge of propellant to impart more velocity to the lightweight bullet.

Optionally, accelerator rounds are available for the weapon, having a secondary charge that increases lethality by accelerating the round after it leaves the barrel, without increasing recoil on the lightweight weapon. However, manufacturing processes dictate that these are conventional metallic rounds and are detectable by the most basic of security systems.

Six rounds of either type are fitted into a detachable pistol grip magazine and a seventh may be carried within the chamber. Rounds are loaded by operation of a manual slide mechanism, but in a practised hand this feature does not dramatically reduce the practical rate of fire for most normal situations.

The pistol has a detachable silencer that can be clipped to the top of the slide for stowage. When attached, it effectively doubles the length of the weapon, but is a very effective sound suppressor.

There is no sighting mechanism beyond a groove in the top of the slide, as the weapon's limited range makes aiming instinctive.

The J-90 is aesthetically pleasing with smooth, clean lines and a minimalist style. It is available in a variety of two-tone colors, including the popular black and white and a brass and wood effect.

The operational components, being non-metallic, are subject to greater fatigue than metal parts and each weapon is shipped with a comprehensive pack of spares. Regular preventative maintenance is strongly recommended by the manufacturer, but if the guidelines are followed reliability is not compromised.


TL: 9
Mass: 0.25kg
Length: 85mm
Magazine: 6rds
Range: 25m max
Price: Cr500