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FastPack EMT

This article originally appeared in the May/June 2012 issue of Freelance Traveller.

Fuel fires, Plasma discharges, Radiation, Extreme Temperatures, Chemical and Acid burns are but a few of the Dangers of space and planet bound life. Transcomb Medical Technologies (TMT) bring you a quick and easy to use product in convenient sizes to negate some of the hazards of space travel.

FastPack EMT is a transparent gelatinous self-adhesive patch made of a biogenic compound developed by TMT (a subsidiary of Tri-Corp, LIC). Designed for primarily external wounds, FastPack EMT will increase the healing rate and recovery time from burns caused by plasma, fire, chemicals and acid along with the effects of exposure to radiation and extreme temperatures. Each patch is a self sealed antiseptic unit which protects from chemical, viral, and biological contamination, and limited external lacerations. When activated (by ripping the activation panel from the adhesive and placing on the affected area), the patch seals the area and begins the regeneration process until the patch is used up (turning a bright pink color) or the wound healed.

The FastPack EMT dissolves dead and damaged skin and tissue and recombines it with the biogenic material to create new skin and tissue while filtering the blood of damaged cells and toxins.

Game Effects: The FastPack EMT will reduce the severity of the wound by one level (i.e. critical to severe of that wound only). It will also stop all bleeding within 1D6 minutes and stop further damage caused by all known chemical, viral, and biological contamination and can possibly reduce the effects of unknown contaminants by 50%.

Points of external damage from the treated wound are reduced by 1D6 + 5 + Character’s END DM per 12 hours. It will remove decontaminate and repair radiation damage at a rate of the characters base END 5 per hour to a maximum of 2000 rads per patch. Healing is up to the maximum 20 points per patch.

Side Effects: Overuse may cause it to be less effective (reduce base END by 1 point per 24 hours of use for calculations of healing) and is not intended to be used internally (Task: Difficult -2, Skill, END) as death may occur.

The system effects only soft tissue and cannot mend bones.


FastPack EMT Costs and Contents (TL13)
Pack Type Contents Weight Cost
Basic 5 ea 20cmx10cm patches 100g Cr5000
Medic 2 ea 30cmx20cm patches 200g Cr12000
Evac 2 ea 50cmx50cm patches;
1 ea 100cmx50cm patch
900g Cr18000
Note: Each kit contains its listed contents plus the listed contents of all lesser pack types, plus standard medkit supplies