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Depilatory Creams

This article originally appeared in the April 2012 issue of Freelance Traveller.

The typical depilatory cream is a once-a-month product that completely removes unwanted body hair and keeps it from regrowing for at least 30 days. This foam-like substance is rubbed on whatever body part is desired to be hairless and allowed to sit for a short time. Then gently remove the foam and the skin is nice and smooth with no unsightly hair.

Depilatory creams typically become available at TL7, and carry with them a minor risk of skin burns because of caustic chemicals. By TL8, the risks are minimal, and other ingredients, such as scents and moisturizers, are added to make the product more desirable to users. At increasing tech levels, the application time is reduced, to a lower limit of about 30 seconds, and the time between applications rises to a maximum of about a year.

The typical cost for enough product to last one person for one year is Cr10-Cr15 once TL8 has been reached.