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LSP Data Goggles

Editor's note: While Mr Barclay is credited with this article in the table of contents of the downloadable PDF magazine, his byline did not appear on the article itself, an (accidental) omission contrary to Freelance Traveller's usual practice.  We apologise for the omission.

This article originally appeared in Issue #002 of the downloadable PDF magazine.

LSP Data Goggles
First Availability: CT Tech Level 12
Weight @ First Available Tech: 0.3 Kg
Cost @ First Available Tech: 150 Cr

Appearance: These appear as a set of wrap around sunglasses. Available in silver, red, blue or gold reflective metallic finishes and black or yellow translucent colour. The arms are a bit bulkier than standard sunglasses, but only slightly. They come with an elastic headband to keep them in place and a clip to secure them to hat or collar (both optional). They will not float (but see Floater option, below). Includes small buttons on each arm that can be used as needed for manual control.

Basic Functions: May link to most standard portable comm units or computers to allow video display in a variable-transparency window on one or both eyes. The two 'screens' can contain separate data feeds although this is disorienting to new users. Allows eye-driven control, or manual control using menus and the small buttons on the arms. Not suited for text-input-intensive tasks, but well suited to launching applications and navigating menus.

Game Effect: Optional +1 on computer checks or commo checks with an appropriate portable unit, using this additional interface. Allows tasks like operating a comm or running a quick check on something while e.g., the character is driving, shooting, or otherwise unable to spare a hand. Note that inexperienced users can get themselves into trouble by trying to combine tasks like this—practice and good judgment on when to attempt this is required.

Battery: Internal rechargeable. Induction recharger provided (weight 0.2 kg), adaptable to most standard stationary and vehicle sockets. Battery Life @ First Available Tech: 96 hours (standby), 8-12 hours (heavy use).

Available Options

Flash Damping: +0kg, +Cr50. Instantly darkens to protect the eyes against bright flashes, such as solar flares, gun discharge flares, and dazzler weapons, and could even allow one to arc weld safely.

Floater: +25g, +Cr25. Thickens up the arms by adding an outer coating of highly buoyant material. Colour matched to the lenses.

Bone Induction Microphone & Speaker: +50g, +Cr50. Adds voice command and audio alert/output capability.

Targeting Enhancement: +0g, +Cr300. Extra software allows wireless interface with wireless smartgun systems to allow the user to be able to gain smartgun benefits without actually having to look directly through the weapon sights. Most useful for shooting around corners without exposing the shooter. Restricted and regulated software at law levels above 5.

Entertainment Link: +25g, +Cr100. The unit acts as a passive reciever for local radio, TV, and planetary network broadcasts. Allows the user to watch streaming video, keep up to date with news, etc. User will still need a separate interfaced comm unit for two way activity, but this at least lets the user monitor media.

Designer styling may add a sizable multiplier to cost (x1.5, x2, x5...depends how rich you are....).