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Cargo Lifter

This article originally appeared in the October 2013 issue.


CraftID: Cargo Lifter, TL9, Cr 8,641
Hull: 1/1, Disp=0.25, Conf=0USL, Armour=4D, Loaded=0.706915 tons, Unloaded=0.703065 tons
Power: 1/2, Battery=0.0399 Mw, Duration=8.5 hours
Loco: 1/2, Legs×2, P/W=56.44, Road=100kph, OffRoad=80kph
Comm: Radio=VDist (50km), Interface=Power
Sensors: LightAmp, Headlight×2, Touch×2
Off: Hardpoints=1
Def: +2
Control: Panel=Electronic×2
Accom: Crew=1 (Operator), Seats=Cramped×1
Other: Heavy Robot Arm×2, Cargo=0.00385kl, ObjSize=Small, EmLevel=Faint
Comment: Cost in Quantity=Cr 6,913; Can lift 2.187 tons

The Daud Enterprises Cargo Lifter can be found across Home County moving loads wherever they need to be moved with considerable precision and speed.

The operator is secured and locked into the upright standing/seating position with a 4 harness seat belt and an open metal frame leaving the arms free to access the controls on each arm. The light amplification visor can be brought down over the operators head as needed. The touch sensors on each arm ensure that whatever is lifted is not crushed by applying too much pressure.

Whilst lifting the maximum load the performance of the powered exoskeleton is reduced to 40 kph on the road and 24 kph off.