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This article originally appeared in Issue #001 of the downloadable PDF magazine.

Buzzknucks TL-8 Price: 200Cr

Also known as “joybuzzers” these are insulated, padded gloves with electric contacts on the knuckles and palms. The contacts are wired to fast discharge batteries in the adjustable cuffs; providing enough power for 3 discharges. The on/off switch is usually located next to the batteries. The gloves are flexible and not too bulky to wear, about as mush so as a regular pair of leather work gloves, but better fitting.

When hit with the gloves target must roll End (or less) vs. 3D6 to avoid losing consciousness for 2 rounds, in addition to the normal damage for blows by “Hands”. The second hit adds one 1D6 to the saving roll; the third hit adds another for a total of 5D6 vs. END (or less). This cumulative effect is only applied when hitting the same target. The gloves cannot penetrate hard armor, like combat or battle dress, but treat all others as Jack.

A favorite of organleggers and muggers, these are also standard issue to most police forces, and often useful to covert operatives. Homemade variants are often worn by muggers and such, but can be unreliable and the wearer can suffer injury as a result of stray discharge through poor quality insulation.