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#65: More Medtech Please!

This article originally appeared in the September/October 2023 issue.

At a suggestion by Mr Collinson, due to the events described and the timing of the writing of this Confession and the previous one, we have agreed to run both Confessions in a single issue.

I write between cancer diagnosis and surgery which is an interesting time of waiting, concerns, questions and the nearly full-time job of letting the various communities Iím part of know whatís going on. But still the peace. Which is a good job as a number of family, friends and even work colleagues are visibly upset on my behalf. And if I ever felt a need for more hugs, thatís been remedied this week.

I can hardly complain. I was going to have wait three-plus weeks for the surgery slot. Friday last they offered me a cancellation. On Monday. Iím going in tomorrow. That was something of a surprise but will actually work out well with relatives from France visiting just when I might have been spending a week in hospital. Though I suspect my nephews, both now doctors in their own right, would have been interested either in my treatment or in a Ďcompare and contrastí.

Never mind the strains of not knowing what lies ahead and all that. There are also the delights of pre-op preparation. Iíll spare you the gory details but some of it is distinctly unpleasant. Well, they do want a clean bowel to work with! Could they not have just done a bit of suction or something while they were in there? That together with the fasting has meant a day of feeling rather woeful. Not helped by the warnings of what will be coming in the week of post-op recovery on a ward and then the several weeks of further recovery at home. Itís not going to be a lot of fun. Again, Iíll spare you details.

So, I canít help trying to imagine a future in the 57th century when things have moved on a little and none of this is necessary. Technologies that obviate much of the above perhaps, or maybe more biotech solutions which are even more in harmony with the body. With no medical training, itís hard to come up with believable possibilities but when Iíve got some time on my hands and limited ability to get out and about, perhaps I can go through Traveller books and Freelance Traveller to see what medtech has been offered by other authorsóIím sure I can recall someóand see if I can come up with a thing or two.

In the meantime, my summer dips in the sea will be off the table for a while and a fair bit of discomfort and pain on the cards so Iím glad my last Ďsocial activityí, yesterday, was both a church activity and Traveller. (It was games night and six of us did some char gen and a short scenario). It might be a while before Iím up for playing again and Iíve sadly let the referees who kindly allow me to play know that that will be the case. So hopefully some good medic rolls from the doctors and nurses tomorrow and Iíll see you on the other side. Safe travelling.