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#51: Hope

This article originally appeared in the July/August 2021 issue.

The last Confession finished on the downer of ‘no hope’. Of course, I don’t actually believe that life is hopeless for a minute. I’ve written in this column before about my faith. That gives me an ultimate hope – not just in the good news of a better life to come but in the beginning of God’s kingdom ushered in by Jesus a couple of millennia ago.

Of course, in the meantime that doesn’t make the world perfect and from time to time it’s nice to escape – for some into sports, for some into tv, and for others of us into the Far Future, thirty five millennia or more hence.

Traveller gives all sorts of reasons for hope. Here are just a few that I’ve quickly come up with:

and of course,

1—Malvern, Jack (2020, September 19). Why feelgood films make Hollywood studios happy. The Times. You can probably think of others. I’m fully aware that not every game, or campaign, or group playing Traveller is necessarily filled with hope and positive thoughts but it is interesting to read that films with a positive moral message outperform all others at the box office and are more likely to be profitable1.

I’m not suggesting that every game of Traveller we play should be positive and upbeat, nor that a game which involves a Total Party Kill is necessarily a failure. I’ve once played in such a game at TravCon but a lot of fun was had and it didn’t feel a waste of time. But in general Traveller strikes me as positive whether in the subcreation, the generation of story, or the meeting together of friends to share an experience and tell a tale. A hope I look forward to much more of over the years despite a difficult year and difficult personal circumstances.