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Jayson McPhearson

Author's Note: This character dates back to 1981 and Classic Traveller, and has been updated to MegaTraveller and TNE over time.

Editor's Note: This character was originally presented solely with TNE stats on Freelance Traveller's web site in 2007, with a note that the character evolved from a 1981 creation in Classic Traveller. The author has since found and provided the stats for MegaTraveller, and they are included here.

Jayson grew up on Old Earth in the late 20th/early 21st century, by Terran Timeline. As a boy, he grew up in accelerated classes. By the time he was 10 years old, he was invited by government officials from one of the more predominate nations on Earth, at the time, to participate in a “special program”. The program turned out to be secret scientific research into the field of psionics—a field supposedly unknown to the Terrans at that time.

Jayson was a natural, and, by the time he was 18, was near the top of the group. Unfortunately, certain individuals of said government uncovered info about the operation and sent forces to “shut it down”.

Along with psionic experiments, the program also experimented with radically new cryogenic technology. The tech was still in the experimental stage, but animal tests proved positive. Jayson, while fleeing from government troops, sealed off an area of the underground complex and set up one of the chambers. The cylinder, along with Jayson's natural Suspended Animation talent, kept him alive. The troops never got down that far, and the complex was sealed...

When Jayson woke up, he was in a state of deep cryo sickness. It took over six months to recover. He was apparently discovered by a group of traders floating in a derelict spacecraft in Efate space in the Spinward Marches Sector. How he got there was a complete mystery; no records of his discovery and transport were ever found. When he was coherent, and could understand the language, he was informed that he was in the Third Imperial year of 1114.

Everything he knew was gone. Even for a young lad who has already been through a bit, it was hard. There was nothing to be done but to move on. He became a member of the crew and stayed with the Free Trader Silver Wind for four years.

In 1118, the Vargr came plundering from the core in full force. Hearing of the death of the Emperor, they were unchained. The Silver Wind was captured by corsairs during the initial raids. The crew was released unharmed, however. After that, they drifted apart and Jayson decided to join up in military service.

He enlisted in the Imperial Army, Domain of Deneb. For eight years, he battled the Vargr on worlds throughout the Domain of Deneb as a commando. During his stint, he received a battlefield commission. When he mustered out in 1126, he was a Captain.

Things were getting bad in the domain. Hard times were here. The Vargr and Aslan held on to their territory and many worlds suffered—mainly the ones under the Vargr. Jayson, having enough of endless skirmishes and strike missions resulting in nothing, decided to go his own way and finance a trader himself. He aquired an old Garu-class Far Trader.

In late 1128, he suffered a serious misjump. His ship emerged into normal space beyond the Kuyper Belt of the Vilis system (1119 Spinward Marches). Desperate, he and his crew entered low berth after setting up a low-powered automated beacon and attempted to set up a long cometary orbit, to reach the outer planetary orbits of the Vilis system by 1248, taking their chances with the future.

TNE Profile

Jayson McPhearson
Race: Human (Pure Terran) Sex: Male Apparent Age: 45 Actual Age: 3000+
Homeworld: Old Earth E867975-8 Gravity: 1.0g
UPP: 898BE8-A-C Init: 6 Throw Range: 32m

Note: The following skills display just the level, not the asset.

Slug Pistol - 4, Slug Rifle - 3, Unarmed - 2, Wheeled Vehicle - 0, Pilot(Interface/Grav) - 6, Intrusion - 2, Stealth - 1, Combat Engineering - 1, Environment Suit - 2, Streetwise - 2, Sensor Ops - 2, Broker - 4, Astrogation - 4, Ship's Engineering - 2, Electronics - 0, Gravatics - 0, Gunnery: Missiles - 1, Gunnery: Energy - 1, Bargain - 4, Instruction - 2, Liaison - 2, Gambling - 2, Telempathy - 6, Project Emotion - 6, Project Thought - 6, Willpower Drain - 6, Life Detection - 6, Shield - 12, Probe - 6, Assault - 6, Cryokinesis - 6, Pyrokinesis - 6, Telekinesis - 12, Suspended Animation - 12, Orientation - 6, Psionically Enhanced STR - 6, Psionically Enhanced CON - 6, Regeneration - 6

MegaTraveller Profile

Jayson McPhearson
Race: Human (Pure Terran) Gender: Male
UPP:9A9CFA Life Force: 28 Hits: 4/6 Age: 45 (3000+)
DOB: 012-(-2650 approx.)
Homeworld: Old Earth E867975-8
Starport: Excellent; Size: Large; Atmosphere: Standard;
Hydrosphere: 72%; Population: 4,500,000,00; Law Level: Moderate
Tech Level:Pre-Stellar; Trade Codes: Hi
Career(s): Merchant/Marines(Army Commando)
Terms: 8.5 Final Rank: Captain
Member, Travellers’ Aid Society

Special Assignments: Commando Training, Free Trader

Awards and Decorations: MCUF x3, SEH, Combat Service Ribbons x4, Command Clusters x3

Skills (Sum=27/27): Brawling -1, Broker -2, Combat Rifleman -2, Demolitions -1, Electronics -0, Engineering -1, Gambling -1, Grav Vehicle -1, Gravatics -0, Handguns -3, Instruction -1, Intrusion -1, Liaison -1, Navigation -2, Pilot -3, Recon -1, Sensor Ops -1, Streetwise -1, Trader -2, Turret Weapons -1, Vacc Suit -1, Wheeled Vehicle -0, Gun Combat -0, Awareness -12, Telempathy -12, Telekinesis -12

Equipment: None