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Gunnar Stuki

Gunnar Stuki 76A648, Age 42 Cr1000
Skills: Streetwise 2, Athletics (endurance) 1, Drive (any) 1, Engineer (any) 1, Jack-of-all-Trades 1, Leadership 1, Mechanic 1, Melee (blade) 1, Profession (belting) 1, Survival 1, Vacc Suit 1, Admin 0, Astrogation 0, Deception 0, Electronics 0, Language 0, Pilot (small craft) 0, Science 0, Seafarer 0
Equipment: ship shares×3, blade×2
Connections: Contacts×4

Stuki was born and raised on Orcrist (Spinward Marches 1126 B8A6733-A) but the age of 18 followed in the footsteps of many young men before him and joined the Confederation Patrol. His parents, with mixed feelings, often said afterwards that it was a particular hologame the young Gunnar had spent a lot of formative years playing that had been responsible for this decision. He attained the rank of Sergeant and gained some skill with a blade as he travelled the subsector during the one term that he served with the Patrol. He wound up after four years on Anduril (Spinward Marches 1026 B985855-B) where on mustering out he decided to try his hand at prospecting in one of the planetoid belts.

This suited his ‘try anything’ attitude more and he developed a network of reliable friends during this period, but after two terms, an accident that could have been fatal and did cause him lose much of the money he’d saved caused him to reappraise his life and leave behind the risky stability of the life of a belter to go on fjerntörn, or ‘to go far away’, and spend the next eight years drifting through the spacelanes. His ability to turn his hand to pretty much anything in a shipboard environment stood him in good stead as he took job after job on a variety of merchant ships and the occasional yacht.

Well on the way to becoming a sværdvulfen, or ‘sword wolf’ he never quite gained this title or the tattoos. On a visit to Gram (Spinward Marches 1223 A895957-C) he was at a local Aesirist shrine well off the beaten track where, rather to his surprise and for reasons he never fully understood, he was heralded as an Uppsvaerdbo, the worldly child of the Aesir (gods). Stuki was strongly encouraged to become a Godar, a priest in the church, but a natural reluctance to be so tied down meant the man was wary of such a move. As it happened an Imperial Compassion Corps ship was visiting Gram and Stuki took the decision, with the blessing of the Aesirens he was taking counselling from and offered himself as a volunteer on the I/S Nasirnak.

With little in the way of ties to his homeworld and a growing belief, if that’s the right word, in both the mission of the ship and his ability to bring the Aesirist church teachings to a much wider audience in terms of the cosmopolitan ship crew and the vessel’s varied destinations, his initial four year term has been extended. Stuki is now one of the single long termers aboard and has been appointed boatswain with direct oversight of the deck department volunteers under the supervision of the First Officer. A quiet man, with rough working hands and a gentle heart, he doesn’t thrust himself forward but leads by simple skill, authority and hard work. Gaining his trust or questioning him will draw him out with wisdom and insight that seems surprising for one from such a humble educational background.

Stuki looks very much the typical Sword Worlder, while not necessarily being a stereotypical Sword Worlder. He stands 1.8m, and masses 100kg, with a solid build from his shipboard work.