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Seamus "Lefty" O'Doul

Seamus "Lefty" O'Doul 7A8B93 Age 52
6 terms Scout (Pension Cr12000)

Skills: Pilot 1, Gambling 3, Brawling 3, Medical 1, Carousing 8, Zero-G Combat 2, Engineer 2, Streetwise 2, Forgery 2, Vacc Suit 1, Pistol 5, Navigation 1, Bribery 1, Communications 1, Shotgun 1, Liaison 3, Jack of all trades 1.

Seamus is a small, wiry man with graying red hair and an entertaining personality. He has a story for every occasion, usually several. He has been out of the ISS for 9 years.

Seamus was born somewhere in the Solomani Confederation to low-income parents in an urban sprawl. His parents were arrested for disagreeing with the local Solomani Party representative and he was placed in foster care. As this was located near the starport, he got to see many ships landing and taking off every day. He also liked to sneak onto the starport grounds to see the ships up close, which meant that he was on a first name basis with the security personnel. This did not endear him to his foster parents, who really only took him for the monthly support from the government. On his tenth birthday, while looking for some schoolbooks that he had misplaced, he found the some file folders with his name on them. This was all the paperwork from the government about him and his family provided to his foster parents. Included was the notification of his parent's execution for treason. Seamus was shattered and fled with his prized possessions and the files. He also made off with all the money handy in the house. His earlier exploits had given him many options for entering the starport undetected, which is where he met a merchant crewmember that took pity on the teary eyed child. After hearing his story and looking at the papers, she took him to her captain and requested that Seamus be smuggled off world with them.

Eight years later found Seamus in the Imperium. He had traveled with the traders during that time, learning everything he could and making some wonderful friends. After only a year they had left the Solomani Confederation and Seamus was introduced to the Imperium. He spent the next seven adjusting. When he turned 18, the captain sat down and talked to Seamus about what he was going to do with his life. After some discussion, they decided to look at the possibilities and see what struck Seamus. After several visits to the local recruiting stations, Seamus decided to sign on with the ISS. It took several weeks to sort out everything pertaining to Seamus's background, but his old file folder on his family helped greatly. After a long farewell party, the trader crew sent Seamus off like their own son.

Seamus took well to Scout Service life, and his years aboard the merchant served him well. He spoke some Aslan and Vargr, and knew his way around a ship well. He also fell in with several Scout members who really enjoyed having fun while working. This led to many interesting incidents, several being the stuff of legends. He is permanently banned from all Hiver space, embassies and ships, and must get written permission prior to visiting the Imperial capital, Core. He also cannot stand the sight of Aslan pasta without shuddering. He will not discuss this for unknown reasons. He earned the nickname "Lefty" while on leave early in his career, but this story is also something he refuses to discuss. His close friends have only mentioned bits and pieces over the years, but it is apparently a grand story involving a raw chicken, surgical tubing and a Vegan Ambassador. Seamus is also banned from entering the Vegan Autonomous District.

Seamus spent 25 years in the Scouts before he was "invited" to retire. His wanderlust had run its course and he found himself in the Spinward Marches. He now runs O'Doul's Place, a supply and recreation facility in the Patinir system. He has no interest in mining, keeping mining supplies and a smelter only to attract more patrons. He enjoys working the bar and meeting the people who come in for a rest. He has started brewing his own version of Scout Brew at his bar, although he requires all who order some to sign a liability waiver before drinking. He apparently developed his version years ago while stuck on Dodds (2739) after a misjump. When asked if this was before or after the civil unrest that engulfed that world almost 20 years ago, he tends to shuffle his feet and mutter the phase "not my fault." Seamus is banned from visiting Dodds. Occasionally some of his ISS buddies come in for a stay and usually the party threatens to blow out the airlocks. Damage on average is minimal, taking less than a week to repair.

Players can encounter Seamus at his bar on the asteroid "O'Doul's Place" in the Patinir belt, which he won in a card game. He offers hotel accommodations, an expansive bar and restaurant as well as a small casino and brothel. He has basic mining supplies and smelting services, but offers no starship repair facilities. His facilities are a weapons free atmosphere, and all patrons are searched at the airlocks, no exceptions.