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Ko-raal Ventar

Ko-raal always wanted to work on board a starship. As soon as he was able, he took working passage on board and drifted from post to post, never finding his vocation. Eventually he became a steward's assistant and has never looked back. His amiable personality and charismatic mannerisms endear him to almost everyone who meets him. Unfortunately, his gambling is not as good as his inter-personal skills and he amassed debts that he could not afford to pay. To save his kneecaps, he jumped ship and has finally settled on board the small freighter The Merry Troubadour, and has fitted in well with the rest of the crew.

Ko-raal has pale blue skin, blue/white hair (hi IR planet) and is slightly shorter and thinner than average. He has a gregarious personality and passengers always have a good time when he is looking after them. Word of this has got round and passengers will travel on the Troubadour just because Ko-raal is the steward. An accomplished chef, he has been increasing his extensive repertoire with Vargr dishes with help from Koerrigzuefeng.

Str 12
Dex 13
Con 12
Int 14
Wis 16
Cha 15
Edu 16
SS 9
Armour Proficiency (Light), Armour Proficiency (Vac Suit), Barter, Chief Steward, Fast Talk, Steward, Trustworthy, Vessel (Grav), Weapon Proficiency (Marksman), Zero-G Adaptation
Appraise 8, Bluff 12, Broker 5, Driving 4, Entertain (Sl't of Hand) 6, Gambling 6, Gather Information 12, Knowledge (T+C Law) 5, Liaison 10, Listen 5, P/Chef 7, Search 4, Spot 5, T/Communications 4, T/Computer 3, T/Electronic 4, T/Medical 7, Trader 5
AC (normal) 14
AC (flatfooted) 13
AR 3
Stamina: 29
Lifeblood: 12
Melee +2
Ranged +2
Fort Save +3
Ref Save +2
Will Save +6
Galanglic, Irilitok, (1 other, referee's/player's discretion)
Short-range com unit, Handcomp (full of recipes), Mesh Armour, TL10 Vac Suit, Wristwatch, Electric Torch, Selection of tricks, TL11 Field Medical Kit, TL11 First Aid Kit, Category 2 Weapon Permit (Civilian Smallarms), Boarding axe (d10 damage, 3m reach) kept in display cabinet in Passenger Lounge, Snub Revolver (1 speed loader of Tranq (Reflex DC15 or drowsy and incoherent for 2d10 minutes, 21m range) loaded plus 2 of ball (d10) in Ship's Locker).

Available Wealth: Cr1,125