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Gverz Aeng

Gverz was a fairly average Vargr who worked hard at school, eventually getting the offer of an assisted place at university to study Starship Power System Engineering (the course was undersubscribed). Being a female Vargr, she had to work 10 times harder than everyone else did, and for much less recognition. Notwithstanding this, she graduated and then encountered the usual Vargr problem, no humans would hire Vargr and the only other option was the life of a corsair, which she refused to do. After slumming around for a few months, she tried her luck at the local office of the IISS and was surprised when she was offered employment. Her posting was to an asteroid base as junior engineer. She excelled at this position and was rapidly elevated to more responsible posts, eventually becoming chief engineer. It was during this job that she met Korigzuefeng (Koh-ri-ju-feng) a physically imposing Vargr gunner at the base. After 2 years, they got married and, as the scout service was looking to post them to different places, they left and became merchants. Gverz is the 'Alpha' of the relationship and wants them to raise enough money to settle down and raise a litter in relative comfort and somewhere free from human bigotry. Notwithstanding this, the crew she is with are all fairly tolerant (for humans).

She is of average height and somewhat slim build for a Vargr. She has a White/Red colouring and long fur. She wears IISS overalls when working in the drive room and fatigues most other times. She disapproves of the human propensity for carrying firearms and will only carry one in times of direst emergency, trusting her teeth, claws and diplomacy instead.

Str 10
Dex 12
Con 15
Int 12
Wis 11
Cha 12
Edu 16
SS 10
Pre 8
Armour Proficiency (Light), Armour Proficiency (Vac Suit), Barter, Improved Initiative, Gearhead, Jury Rig, Vessel (Grav), Vessel (Starship), Weapons Proficiency (Marksman), Zero-G Adaptation
Bribery +3, Driving +3, Gather Information +4, K/Starship Drive Design +5, Liaison +2, Navigation +4, Pilot +4, P/Survey +2, P/Admin +2, Ride +2, Spot +4, Survival +3, T/Communications +5, T/Computer +5, T/Electronics +6, T/Engineering +11, T/Gravitics +6, T/Mechanical +5
AC (normal) 15
AC (flatfooted) 14
AR 4
Stamina 36
Lifeblood 15
Melee +4
Ranged +4
Fort Save +4
Ref Save +3
Will Save +3
Galanglic, Irilitok
Short-range com unit, Handcomp, Flak Jacket, TL10 Vac Suit, Wristwatch, Electronic toolkit, Category 3 Weapon Permit (Paramilitary Smallarms)

Available Wealth: Cr4,000