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Ehlorra Makkan

Scoring highest in her year for entry into the IISS, Ehlorra was quickly drafted into pilot training, where she proved to be a natural. Although most at home in the cockpit of a starship, she served a ground tour within Planetary Survey piloting an LAV/panzer around the swamps of a hostile, primitive planet. Seeking different challenges for a few years, she became a merchant and took the position of Pilot on board The Merry Troubadour. She also manufactures passes and permits (for a fee) should the need arise. Her aptitude and her ability to pilot, navigate, or operate the weapons of any starship ensures that she will be continually activated by the IISS for missions.

She has pale yellow skin, orange hair and is slightly shorter and stockier than average (hi-g birth world). She spend every waking minute either on the bridge or moving round the ship helping the other crew members so she can pick up some of the skills that they have.

Str 14
Dex 12
Con 10
Int 18
Wis 18
Cha 10
Edu 10
SS 11
Armour Proficiency (Light), Armour Proficiency (Vac Suit), Brawling, Ship Tactics, Vessel (Ship's Boat), Vessel (Starship), Vessel (Grav), Vessel (Ground - Hovercraft), Weapon Proficiency (Marksman),Weapon Proficiency (Starship Weapons)
Bribery 2, Driving 9, Forgery 8, Forward Observer 5, Gambling 6, Gunnery 10, Listen 6, Navigation 2, Pilot 12, P/Administration 6, P/Survey 8, Search 5, Spot 12, Survival 6, T/Communications 4, T/Computer 4, T/Astrogation 8
AC (normal) 14
AC (flatfooted) 13
AR 3
Stamina: 26
Lifeblood: 9
Melee +4
Ranged +4
Fort Save +1
Ref Save +4
Will Save +7
Galanglic, Irilitok, Ursine, (2 others, referee's/player's discretion)
Short-range com unit, Handcomp, Mesh Armour, TL9 Vac Suit, Wristwatch, Electric Torch, Forgery Kit, Category 3 Weapon Permit (Paramilitary Smallarms), Assault shotgun (3d6/2d6/d6 damage, 3m range) with 21 Stun Rds (Stamina damage only)

Available Wealth: Cr500