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Bob Kurarimi

This article originally appeared in the July 2013 issue.

GEN Bob Kurarimi 3858A9 Age 42 Cr 9,000
6 Terms Marines (Pension Cr6,000)
Medical-3, Tactics-3, Admin-2, SMG-2, Leader-1, Combat Rifle-1, Air/Raft-1, ATV-1, Computer-1, Dagger-1
Medical Kit; SMG w 10 Mags Slugs & 3 Mags Tranq; High Passage x2; Dagger; Hand Computer

General Kurarimi is a tall, thin man with a polite and gentle manner. He is very light in complexion, with hair almost light enough to be white. He is rather compulsive about staying out of the sun. He is never without his medical bag, and is forthright about either objecting to or remedying any sanitary problems he encounters. He uses a hand computer to aid in diagnosis and treatment options, and though normally quite placid, will drill in (physically and socially) to treat anyone in need of treatment, regardless of social, or economic considerations. If under fire, he will seek to direct movements to extract, safeguard, and treat his own wounded, placing himself recklessly at hazard to do so, and dealing out SMG fire with no compunction.

When not involved in some medical task, he is gifted tactically, but not a risk-taker. He will use his understanding of the ways that engagements erupt, flow, and abate to minimize the risks to his party. If there are no casualties, he will even drop back from a party taking unnecessary or foolish risks.

Kurarimi is proud of his Vilani heritage, and has an embarrassingly extensive collection of Vilani music, mostly ancient classical pieces, or pieces evocative of the style of these. He is generally keen to avoid conflicts, but is looking to find opportunities to treat those in dire circumstances. This longing, inspired by the guilt that drove him from the infantry into the medical service, is both pervasive and ill-defined. This will make his behavior and attitudes seem somewhat erratic, varying between weasely self-preservation and altruistic heroics, depending on whether a doctor, shooter or neither is needed. One of his many quirks is to feign complete ignorance of the meaning of any puns or jokes. His ability to deadpan even the most ridiculous situations is a great private pleasure to him, and he never lets on.

He will not speak of the details of his military service, but is proud of his rank. He rose to the rank of major in the Infantry, though becoming a gifted medic there. His rather late transfer to the Medical Corps kept him from being a gifted doctor, but his combination of zeal, administrative ability, and leadership launched him through the ranks of the leaders of doctors. He is not proud of his medical abilities, but will be happier to bring greater medical talent to bear than to make do himself. His drive is to heal, by his own hand or another makes no difference to him.