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Jerrod Markuur

Jerrod grew up on the ocean side Startown docks of Efate, a rather rough side of the city. He began working fairly young as a cargo loader, and at an early are got involved with the local criminal element. He began working as "muscle" for the local crime boss, and began a career as a member of organized crime. When his best friend was brutally tortured and murdered by the local boss for having an affair with the man's wife, Jerrod realized his life was headed in a really bad direction. At twenty-six years of age, he decided he needed a quick career change. He walked into the local Scout Service recruiter's office and signed up. Two months later he was studying starship astrogation and fell in love. He found he had an intuitive grasp of the complicated calculations, and could plot the most difficult courses with ease. Several years later he was exploring outside the imperial border when he had a drive failure and crashed on a planet far from home. He spent several years with the natives on the planet, adopting some of their rich cultural as his own. He learned to hunt with the bola and ride the strange bipedal "lopers" they used for transportation and hunting. He managed to teach the natives better construction techniques for their homes and small farms. He also managed to impress the local chief by presenting him with a few nice gifts, such as night vision binoculars, a laser rifle with a solar recharging pack, and a light alloy survival knife for each of his sons. He was formally adopted into the tribe and was given a wife, the daughter of the chief. He had intended on staying until another scout ship entered the system and picked up his automated distress beacon still in orbit. They would not allow his wife onboard, and demanded he return to the service. Unable to take his wife with him on the return to imperial space and his IISS career, he chose to remain on planet. His wife knew he longed to return home, so she announced the cancellation of their marriage vows and returned home to her father the chief. Understanding the sacrifice she was making on his behalf, he honored it and left, one day hoping to return. The scout service decided that Jerrod was no longer fit for active duty, since they felt he might try to return the planet he had left behind if given another scout courier. They contacted StarChaser, a local subsector wide corporation, and offered them a chance to hire an excellent astrogator if they so desired. Within a week of signing the papers, Jerrod was transferred from the Imperial Interstellar Scout Service to StarChaser Incorporated.

Jerrod can normally be encountered as a temporary astrogator for any merchant line needing a short term crew member replacement. He is never without his faithful companion, his reptilian pet that rides his shoulder. When he is not working on an assignment, Jerrod frequents the establishments favored by the members of the scout service.

Special Possessions:

Character created under T4 rules.

UPP BA6995-888 Human Male Age:36

Rogue 2 Terms

Scouts 2.5 Terms

Astrogation-4, Pilot-2, Sensors-2, Perception-2, Diplomacy-2, Intimidation-2, Streetwise-2, Intrusion-2, Pistol-2, Bola-2, Short Blade-1, Trader-1, Vacc Suit-1, Equestrian-1, Grav Craft-1, Athletics-1, Brawling-1, First Aid-1, Computer-1, Jack of all Trades-1.