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Sir Jeremide Alexis Sincavage

J. A. Sincavage
Scout (ret) Knight
Solomani/Vilani mix

UPP:798ABB Age 40 4 terms Cr: Wealthy - but much of his money is tied up in trust

Computer 4, Grav Vehicle 2, Liaison 1, Mechanical 1, Pilot 3, Stealth 2, Pistol 4, Turret Weapons 1, Survival 3 Archaeology 3

The Sincavage family (that is, the most prominent branch of it) settled in the Spinward Marches in the year 686. The legend of the family runs, that after the Massacre of Corridor, three brothers named Sincavage and loosely related to the Great Cleon, emigrated from Corridor to Deneb; but the Vargr attacks being too severe for them, they left that sector and again emigrated, this time to Regina, at that period a Imperial Colony and not an independent planet. At this point two of them settled, and the third continued his journey spinward until he reached the Beyond, at which point his records disappeared.

Martin Sincavage, a descendant of one of these three brothers, in the year 765 moved from Regina, and found his permanent abiding place at Trin, SM. He married and was the father of seven children, three sons and four daughters. They were all born between the years 740 and 780. In 949 the youngest son, Martin Sincavage, died, at the advanced age of one hundred ninety-two years. He was the last survivor of that family of brothers and sisters.

Colonel John Sincavage, Imperial Marines, the second of the above mentioned sons was killed in 792, in the Third Frontier War by the Zhodani.

General Martin D. Sincavage, Imperial Marines, one of his sons was one of the Marches great men. He was a man of marked character and brilliant ability. He was in war a brave, vigilant and efficient officer. He was an aid under General Shelby, and was appointed to the Zhodani peace talks by the sector Duke to fill a vacancy, serving one session. He died in 900, aged one hundred forty-three. Colonel John J. Sincavage, Imperial Marines, was his son. He fell in the battle of Garda-Vilis, Spinward, 963. His actions at Garda-Vilis reaffirmed a knighthood for his family and awarded the surviving members an estate on Nixine. His eldest, Sir Martin Sincavage, was called "Ruffled Shirt Martin" because of his superior education, courtly manners and haughty attitude. In his fifty-fourth year he dropped these "nifty" clothes, took up his rifle and joined, as a private, Capt. Zadok Springer's mercenary command. That action seemed to have cost him much of his intellect and he now spends most of his time stomping around the family estate in a drunken rage.

The second son, Sir Jeremide Alexis Sincavage was born the year his father died, 963. Left alone much of his childhood the young Jeremide wanted nothing to do with his mourning mother, much less with the soon to be crazy brother. For weeks at a time he would spend his time digging around the family estate, uncovering archaeological finds, or spending time researching them on the system data net. At the age of 21, fresh from the local University, he left home for good to explore the universe - joining the scouts. At the age of 23, Jeremide, while on a rescue mission, discovered a strange ship totally destroyed except for a small section of the hold which contained a Lizard like Bi-pedal being; race unidentified. Jeremide's final search to this day is to uncover the mystery of that alien being now called Gig' N'anz.


Cleon Zhunastu
Witekind III, Count of Wetten, Core
Hugh the Great, married Countess Adella, des. of Shiishuginsa
Lady Isabel de Vermeandois, married Robert de Beaumont, Earl Liester, Corridor
Robert Bossu de Bellomont married Amicia.
Robet Blanchmains Bellomont married Petronella.
Jane Bellomont married General Levi Sincavage.
Colonel John Sincavage married Helen, daughter of Wallace
General Martin D. Sincavage married Olivia Winster
Colonel John J. Sincavage married Alexis Logan with two sons
Sir Martin Logan Sincavage
Sir Jeremide Alexis Sincavage