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This profile was originally posted to the pre-magazine Freelance Traveller website in 2003, and reprinted in the November/December 2015 issue.


Skkuuhkarzk is a rarity among his people. He has a more than a passing curiosity for other races and shows far less contempt for them as well. Skkuuhkarzk was a typical warrior/bard for his people and traveled between worlds in a personal scout ship that was given to him by a high-ranking member of his Ssaahk in reward for a favor that he had performed. After achieving honor among his own people he set out to see the galaxy and to meet its many races. He traveled through both Human and Vargr space and due to a couple of lucky misjumps he has gone further into alien space than any other member of his race. During one misjump he landed in an empty system and ended up having to travel to the next system at sublight. Using his racial abilities he was able to survive, but since that time he hasn’t made the effort to figure out what his age is. He usually tells humans that he is over 200 years old. He likes the reaction he gets from them when he tells them this. Skkuuhkarzk travels in a very old Sulieman-class scout that was modified for Hhkar by the Julians.

Skkuuhkarzk could be encountered just about anywhere in Charted Space. He will be especially interested in the group if a party member is of a race he has never encountered before.

Skkuuhkarzk (243 points)

Male; Age unknown; 7'4"; 420 lbs.
ST: 14 [45] IQ: 13 [30] Speed: 5.50
DX: 11 [10] HT: 11 [10] Move: 5
Dodge: 5 Parry: 8


DR 1 (Everything) [3]; Early Maturation 1 [5]; Extended Lifespan 1 [5]; Field Sense [10]; Filter Lungs [5]; Hermaphromorph [2]; Language Talent +1 [2]; Luck [15]; Metabolism Control 10 [50]; Mode Advantages [45]; Regeneration [7] (Only during gender change: -18%; Requires Preparation: 8 hrs., -60%); Sharp Teeth [5] (Cutting damage; see p. B140); Striker (tail) [8] (Damage: cr 1d; Reach: 1, +5; Reduced Skill: -2).


Callous [-6]; Code of Honor [-10]; Curious [-5] (Roll: IQ); Dependency: Smoking (Common) [-15] (Frequency: Daily, 3); Duty (to Ssaaahk) (12 or less) [-10]; Hard of Hearing [-5] (only -2 to hearing rolls: -50%); Intolerance (Believe they are the superior race in the galaxy) [-10]; Overconfidence [-10]; Sleepy (50% of the time) [-10].


Intolerance (Hates psionics and psionic using races); Very interested in other races; Chews cigars; Likes learning other races games; Often says things that will get misunderstood by translator. [-5]


Area Knowledge (Galaxy)/TL10-10 [1/2]; Astrogation/TL10-11 [1/2]; Bard-13 [6]; Bardic Lore (Hhkar)-11 [1]; Brawling-13 [4] (Parry: 8); Broadsword-12 [4] (Parry: 6); Chess-13 [1]; Climbing-11 [2]; Computer Operation/TL10-12 [=BD]; Diplomacy-11 [4]; Electronics Operation (Communications)/TL10-11 [1/2]; Electronics Operation (Sensors)/TL10-12 [1]; Electronics Operation (Weapons)/TL10-12 [1]; Fast-Talk-12 [4]; First Aid/TL10-13 [1]; Fishing-12 [1/2]; Free Fall/TL10-12 [4]; Games-12 [1/2]; Gesture-13 [1/2]; Gunner (Beam Weapons)/TL10-12 [1]; Gunner (Railgun)/TL10-11 [1/2]; Guns (Gauss Pistol)/TL10-13 [1]; Guns (Gauss Rifle)/TL10-13 [1]; Intimidation-12 [1]; Knife-13 [4] (Parry: 5); Knife Throwing-12 [2]; Language Galanglic (MVH)-11 [1]; Language Hhkar (MA) (native)-14 [0]; Language Vargr (MVH)-10 [1/2]; Lucid Dreaming-13 [4]; Meditation (Realistic)-13 [4]; Merchant-10 [1]; Piloting (Spacecraft)/TL10-13 [8]; Riding-10 [1]; Savoir-Faire (Military)-10 [1/2]; Stealth-10 [1]; Survival (Desert)-11 [1/2]; Survival (Island/Beach)-11 [1/2]; Survival (Plains)-11 [1/2]; Survival (Woodlands)-11 [1/2]; Tracking-12 [1]; Vacc Suit/TL10-11 [1/2]; Xenology/TL10-10 [1/2].