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Pembroke Colton Krankheilt

This character was originally posted to the pre-magazine Freelance Traveller website in 2002 and reprinted in the May/June 2019 issue.

Colt was born to a family long loyal to the Imperium. The Krankheilt family has prospered for several generations, with several successive heads of the family being inducted into the Order of Delphi. The senior Krankheilt is the CEO of the Delphi Interstellar Bank, LIC, one of the larger interstellar banks to stretch through the Gateway Domain to the Old Expanses. Colt’s father, however did not follow the Senior into the banking business, but instead joined the Imperial Navy and became a fleet admiral with the 108th Battle Riders before retiring to Thanatos (1415 Old Expanses) to ease back from the high tech, high speed life in the Imperium. It is here Colt was born and raised as a member of this knightly family.

Colt has never responded well to his father’s required discipline. He was always looking to have a little more fun. He has learned some banking from the Senior on trips to visit him on his corporate home world. Colt has tried many different things trying to find out just where he fits in. He never seems to stick with one thing long enough to get good at it. He has, however, excelled as a hunter and has gone on some big game excursions as a youth. He learned early on how to stalk prey and fell it with a single shot.

As Colt turned 18, it seemed logical to head off to college. The University of Galiano (Galiano (1519 Old Expanses)) did not want him until his father pulled some strings. The Dean of Admissions knew of Colt’s wanderlust and his inability to stick things out. An affair with the Dean’s daughter, excessive partying, and complete lack of discipline found Colt out of school. His father, upset at Colt’s behavior felt a dose of military life would do him good. His father persuaded him to join and after searching around, the Marines seemed like it would be fun. Boy was Colt wrong. He constantly butted heads with his commanders and his issues kept him from advancing beyond a training detachment. Colt finally shined on the marksman course and was trained to be a sniper. He received a promotion to E2 near the end of his term and he decided to stick out another term in the Marines.

The second tour of duty took him from port to port as part of a Ships Troop battalion. It was during this term he met Captian Claudious Parks, a mercenary with the Sky Stormers. He convinced Colt that his shooting ability was going to waste on board ships and that he would do much better in the private sector.

And he did; he was quickly promoted, spent several campaigns as a sniper before peace hit the region and he was relegated to office and recruiting duty. Enough was enough. He wanted to get back to his playboy ways, so he borrowed the family yacht and spent the next four years touring the Old Expanses, looking for good hunting sites, casinos with wild women, and a good bar fight.

While carousing around on Montero (1010 Old Expanses), he met up with Fineous Trandler. Fineous and Colt spent some time hunting the Silver coated Oxbear and got to know each other. Trander introduced Colt to some friends at the “The Organization” and they were impressed with his skills as a sniper. They hired him on and have finished his training cycle. Thus the adventure begins.

Sir Pembroke Colton Krankheilt “Colt” CR 50,000
Ex-Marine(2) Noble(2) Mercenary(2) Traveller (1) Yacht
St: 12, Dx: 16, Co: 14, In: 15, Ed: 14, Wi: 11, Ch: 10, SS: 16
Stamina: 46 Lifeblood: 14.; Level 7 (27000/28000)
Feats: Brawling, Stealthy, Pt. Blank Shot, Armor Prof (Light), Vessel (Wheeled), Sniper, Tactics, Weapon Prof (Marksman), Weapon Prof (Swordsman), Trust Fund, Armor Prof (Medium), Obscure Knowledge, Weapon Focus (Cutlass), Sneak Attack, Armor Prof(Vacc Suit), Weapon Prof (Combat Rifleman), Tracking, Precise Shot.
Skills (inc. Stat Mods): Move Silently-9, Hide-9, Driving-7, P/Hunting-6, Navigation-6, T/Computer-4, Pilot-4, Spot-4, Survival-4, Appraisal-3, Gambling-3, K/Homeworld-3, K/Imperial History-3, K/Interstellar Law-3, Leader-3, Listen-3, T/Mechanical-3, K/Psionics-3, Search-3, K/Xeno-sociology-3, P/Banker-2, Gather Info-2, Sense Motive-2, Use Alien Device-2, Bribery-1, Bluff-1, Innuendo-1, Intimindate-1, Liason-1, Read-Write K’Kree-1, E/Singing-1.
BAB: 8 (5 + 3 dex) Fort: 9, Ref: 4, Will: 8