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Rortuvu is a young female Gvegh-Aekhu Vargr from Gvurrdon sector. She is currently in the Spinward Marches along the border, assigned to an Imperial scout ship as part of a technical exchange program. Though she is only 22 years old, she holds the position of ship's engineer as part of her training.

The scout ship is an ex-Zhodani fleet courier (Chatl class) that is being refitted for standard IISS survey missions. It was chosen as her assigned project because it afforded her a chance to obtain hands-on experience in the installation and configuration of nearly all major ship's systems. On a side note, the choice also gives the IISS the ability to determine which technologies and equipment she has close access to. Though the Gvegh-Aekhu are Imperial allies, they are not completely trusted to have full access to our latest equipment.

Her assignment brings the total crew complement to three. The two human scouts in command above her were hand picked in order to train her in improvisation and the art of working under pressure. These are things that she is not used to, as her experience was obtained mainly in classrooms. The scouts' lack of enthusiasm gives their superiors cause for concern.

She is an orphan. She has vague memories of her parents, who died when she was three years of age. According to her uncle, they died in a transport accident. She was raised by a nanny/tutor until she was fourteen. Her home during this time, was on an out-of-the-way pastoral world in a small community. The only other member of the household was a large Urzaeng male who worked as a farmhand and was a pack-mate of her uncle. These were some of Rortuvu's happiest years.

The work was hard, but as carefree as any 14 year old could hope for.

Her nanny was for all intents and purposes, her mother. Gzorrouti was a small and religious woman; a cleric in the Church of the Creator. She taught Rortuvu theology as well as all the other little lessons a young Vargr girl should know. Rortuvu's outlook on life has been guided by those teachings ever since.

Once she was of age, Gzorrouti convinced Rortuvu to enter the university run by the Church of the Creator. It was an all female school, rather like a convent. She was encouraged to take up any study she wished and was suited for. As she had always had a knack for building and tinkering with machines, she chose the mechanical sciences. This lead to engineering, of course, and Rortuvu devoured the subject material eagerly. Stories told in sporadic visits by her uncle, a high ranking emmissary, made her long to visit places outside of her limited travels, and Rortuvu saw engineering on a starship as a way to see the universe.

Her days consisted of meditation, followed by classes with a period of work in a garden in the late afternoon. The garden work was used as a time of meditaion as well to link one closer to the Creator through tending to His creations. There were also daily periods of exercise (rather like human tai-chi) to keep the Creator's tools sharp, as the teachers liked to say. To one so devoted, the days passed easily and Rortuvu was nearly always at the top of her class.

There were lapses, however, such as the time she and her friend stole a bottle of wine and got drunk behind the chapel's wall. The hangover was far worse punishment the she received at the hands of her instructors, and she promised herself to never drink wine again. Or the time she was caught cheating on exams. She was giving out answers to other students who were having trouble.

On her twenty-second birthday, her uncle visited with a unique task for her. She was to take part in a technology exchange program with the Marches. Both governments hoped that this program would foster friendship and stabilize the border areas in these times of trouble. Rortuvu was a natural choice for the task as she had graduated from apprentice to journeyman in her skills and was ready to leave the school as an Angueth in any case. (The closest Galangic translation for Angueth is perhaps 'monk'.) The opportunity for travel gave her a path to become a craft-master, eventually. She accepted the assignment eagerly.

Now, she is far from home and all her pack-mates with little chance of ever seeing them again. The work, so far, is easy, but dealing with humans, such as her new leaders, is difficult and troubling. She is desperate to fit in and show herself worthy because of her skills, but except for performing perfectly, she doesn't really know how. And even that seems to irk Commander Melville. Things should improve. She would just continue being the best tool for the Creator as she knows how. She would remain sharp for whatever He was building now.

Rortuvu stands 1.55 m tall and masses approximately 52kg. She has blue eyes and a tawny coat with dark brown markings, similar to an old Terran German Shepherd. She dresses very conservatively ( for a Vargr ) and is very prim and proper ( even prudish ) at least until she understands the limits of behavior allowed by these strange humans she is serving under. She is given to large mood swings and is unsure how to handle them. She does not wish to appear foolish by speaking in inappropriate fashion. The only thing she is sure of is how to fix things that are broken. Maybe not the fastest way, but always the proper way.

She is reasonable strong and fit with very quick and sure motor skills; she is very dexterous. She continues to do her exercise routines daily. As they are partly to teach self-defense, she is a capable hand-to-hand fighter (soft internal forms with staff or batons as weapons; batons/staff sometimes used as weights for strength training during exercises).

She is very intelligent but her education is lacking. While she is expert in the mechanical arts, she has never been in situations were she has had to deal with others outside of carefully controlled (and limited) conditions. She is incredibly naïve.

Rortuvu 6A6B42 1 Term Angueth Engineer

(Note: As Rortuvu is a Vargr, these stats are based on Vargr character generation, and the final place represents her Charisma in Vargr society, rather than any recognized Social Standing in human contexts. The low Charisma represents her youth and personal insecurity.)

Engineering-4, Brawling-2, Mechanical-2, Language (Galanglic)-1, (Language (Gvegh-Aekhu)-5 (native language)), Theology (Church of the Creator)-1, Computer-1

Rortuvu is highly respected Angueth Engineer. Very capable but unsure of herself and naïve when dealing with others. Submits easily to male she deems worthy and maintains loyalty until betrayed. Very devout in her religion.