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Louis Kravicks

Author's comment: Here is a starport manager to be used as a PC for anyone brave enough to actually run a sniveling, sadistic, backstabbing li'l coward. Pretend that he looks like an evil Danny deVito clone from "Taxi".

Louis Kravicks 565A85 (SPA Executive, ret.) 4 terms, Cr8000
Admin-3, Interview-2, Legal-3, History-1, Interrogation-1
MidPsg-5, Cr50 personal timepiece

Personal Profile

Louis Kravicks was born to a poor family. His father had abandoned the family because the wife was an obnoxious dominating bitch. Thus he, and his 2 sisters were raised by her alone. His mom worked as a secretary for an upper level manager at the Starport Administration.

Constantly teased for his shortness and fatness, he became sullen and withdrawn. Even his own sisters ridiculed him. His only way to fight back was to use sharp, acidic comments. He was often beaten up in school. He did poorly in school because of his social woes, despite a very high intelligence. The career consultants somehow made him feel as if the failures were his fault. They said he would amount to nothing. Since that report, his mother focused her attentions on the sisters as if Louis's fate of failure were already sealed. He tortured small animals in the basement.

After both sisters went off to college, his mom pulled some strings to get little Louis a job at the starport. She felt that he would be a bum if she hadn't done that...something she reminded him of over and over and over.

He hated his mother and never addressed her as anything other than "mother". He was secretly happy when she 'died'. She had fallen down the basement stairs and fractured her skull. It was ruled an accident.

A few years later, his oldest sister was caught drunk and prostituting herself in a startown bar. He had her starport visa revoked permanently. She died of a drug overdose in a gutter not long afterward. His younger sister married and can't be found. Louis Kravicks may have a few ghosts in his closet, but no foul deeds were ever proven.

After being forced into retirement, he decided to take a long vacation and not look back. He'll ship with anyone who'll take him.

His knowledge of procedure and redtape and how to avoid it makes him a valuable asset to small tramp shippers. Tramp shippers don't ask to closely into his past either. Louis's ghosts are still hidden and he'll do whatever it takes to keep them hidden.

Louis Kravicks is a bitter sadistic cowardly little man. He comes across as an evil vengeful dwarf with no morals and nothing good to say about anything.

He is short, fat and balding. He fancies himself a lady's man and turns evil when turned down.

He is a coward and quickly backs down when faced with physical harm. He will always attempt some form of revenge however. Should someone treat him like a human despite all this, he'll form a bond and trust that person.

He is useful on a ship because of his huge level of skill with redtape and legalese involved in running a starport.


Louis Kravicks was able to secure a place as a 'gopher' at the starport administration because of strings pulled by his overbearing mother. He quickly got a reputation for being a sniveling little bootlicker among the blue-collar employees. While this attitude enhanced his position and even promotion within the administration, it also nearly ended his life.

An older employee, near retirement, was deemed 'lazy' by Louis and written up for discipline. The older man was fired and lost his retirement benefits. Soon after this, Louis lost two fingers on his left hand. It was deemed an accident by management investigators; anyone could've been caught with his hand under a crate of combine parts. Word on the tarmac is that it would only have happened to "Lucifer" Kravicks though...and the word was always followed by a bitter laugh.

He was promoted to Supervisor of the port's motor pool, and quickly alienated his mechanics and ground crew with his ridiculous demands and 'efficiency' ideas. Upper management moved him to third shift in order to minimise frictions that kept work from being completed. Only basic maintenence work was done on that shift and 'problem' workers seemed to find their way there. Louis raised hell about it and claimed discrimination. Management promoted him to an upper office to keep him quiet and move him into a position where he couldn't do much harm. He rubbed the promotion in the faces of those beneath him when he took title of Assistant Manager.

Louis grew more bitter as time went on. It had become obvious, even to him, that his 'work' was busy work designed to keep him from meddling in the actual running of the starport. He began to use his knowledge of procedures to make life difficult for those he blamed and to even make some money on the side through bribes and favors. He became a hated sight and union reps began to avoid him. His mother died that year.

He got his break during a major storm when upper management couldn't be reached. Louis Kravicks ruled starport during that week with an iron fist and made sure that he received all credit for keeping starport open. He became manager when it became public knowledge that the previous manager was not available for the emergency due to 'drunken debauchery'...Louis acted all upset about it and tsk'd as much as anyone.

Many workers took early retirement that year.

Imperial representatives took note of how labor relations had deteriorated over the past 6 years and pressured the starport administrator to remove Louis Kravicks or else face certain trade restrictions due to reduced starport capacity.

Unable to out and out fire him, they promoted him instead into the post of Executive. As an appointed position, it could be removed at any time, thus giving the SPA a legal way of getting rid of Louie.

After being given the hardest (impossible) jobs and forcing him to accept blame, they finally had an excuse to give him the pink slip. They gave him a choice; retire or be forced out. There was no real choice. Louis Kravicks retired.

He was given the bare minimum retirement package as a slap in his face for his poor work done.