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Knerrgkurro is a large Urzaeng Vargr. He stands 2 meters tall and masses about 97 kilos. He has brown eyes and is brown/dark brown. He works as a helper/protection on a small family-owned ranch/farm. He has done this ever since he retired from the corsair band the 'Black Teeth'. One of his canine teeth is colored black like obsidian as a mark of his past involvement with that group. He is very proud of his past though he doesn't tend to advertise it, and he still gives his allegience to his old commander, Azzdzafodh. In fact it was Azzdzafodh who hired him.

Life couldn't be better for him right now. After spending 11 years raising and protecting little Tuvi, and then being there for her during her time at the university, he could finally relax.

Actually, he only helped raise her; the real work of Rortuvu's upbringing fell to Gzorrrouti to do. She has been Tuvi's nanny and tutor even since Tuvi's parents were assassinated. Knerrgkurro's main job was to keep the same thing from happening to her. And he was good at it.

There had been only one attempt, several years ago, but Knerrgkurro put two of the attackers in the hospital and the other one ran at the sight of his black tooth. His old commander had a lot of pull politically and the would-be assassin evidentally didn't have the stomach to tangle with someone that rich and powerful. Knerrgkurro was proud that his old boss trusted him with such a valuable job. Azzdzafodh's niece and only surviving family member was his most precious treasure.

Acting over the years as Rortuvu's surrogate father has given him fatherly love for the girl. This was as close to a real family Knerrgkurro could ever hope to have. Gzorrouti didn't exactly like him at first, but the years had mellowed the both of them so that they fit together like jerky and ale. Now, 18 years later, they were like an old married couple. And , hoo-boy, she was pretty yiffy for a church goer. Yes, life was good.

On Restday, at the end of the week, Knerrgkurro would amble into town to the pub. After tossing back a few, he'd usually end up singing loud and awful; sometimes even scandalize folk by howling if the moon were full. When townfolk chided him for such animal-like behaviour, he'd just laugh and say there were times when he didn't think he'd even see the moon again, so he might as well enjoy it while he can.

Often, young nippers would challenge him, just to prove how tough they were. Usually that ended with the yelps getting woken up with a beer splashed in their faces and everyone being marched to the pokey. Knerrgkurro always cooperated with the peacekeepers; neither Gzorrouti nor Azzdzafodh would like it one bit if he fought with them. Gzorrouti would bail him out the next morning and he'd shrug it off saying he was just stretching his arms. It became such a routine event that the pub would use it to signal 'last call'. He shuddered to think what Azzdzafodh would do if he were there when it happened.

But now his job was over and he could retire on a quiet out-of-the-way world with ale and meat and peppers and the yiffinest female this side of the mountains and never even worry about hard vaccuum again.

Knerrgkurro A8D885 Cr40,000

Scrounging-1, Infighting-2, SensorOp-2, Lrg blade-1, Handgun-1, CbtRifle-1, Instruction-1, VaccSuit-1, Computer-0

11mm autopistol (custom-made), 7mm ACR, Fine quality cutlass

His old commander from his days as a corsair, hired him to protect Rortuvu. Azzdzafodh provided for all financial costs during this time and is providing a nice but not overly large retirement for both Knerrgkurro and Gzorrouti at the home they share until they die.