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Isaiah "Elric" Stromberg

Isaiah "Elric" Stromberg Army Lt (ret.) 777A35-0-6 6 terms (5 Army, 1 Mercenary) Age 45 Cr600
Slug Weapon 7/14, Grav Belt 1/8, Intrusion 1/8, Tactics 2/12, Thrown Weapons 1/8, Climbing 3/10, Heavy Gun 2/9, Machinist 1/9, Linguistics 1/6, Interaction 2/7, Act/Bluff 2/7, Electronics 2/5, Mechanic 2/9, Tracking 2/12

Contacts: 3 Merchant Marine, 2 Law Enforcement, 3 Businessmen

Initiative: 5; Hits: Head 14, Chest 42, other 28; Weight 80; Load 42; Throw 28; Unarmed Dmg 17

Homeworld: SP: B; Size: med.; Grav: 2+Gs; Atmos.: Dense; Hydr.: Low; Pop: Mod; Gov: Mod; Law: Mod; Tech: Industrial

Isaiah Stromberg grew up on a relatively dry and deserted planet in the Old Expanses, and like many of his peers, spent his youth searching the night sky for signs of otherworlders that might contact him or rescue him from his banal existence on a planet left wasted by Virus. Isaiah earned his stripes in the planetary army, fighting against local thugs and warlords and keeping the peace between opposing political power groups. His world had been hit hard by Virus and was only just coming under the regenerative influence of Hiver technology. Sometimes they landed on the old farms creating huge circles in the field of endless rye and at other times in the town where . Somehow the five-footed , ponderous creatures appeared to have been there all along: watching, guarding and manipulating the backwater of a planet. Isaiah can't remember a time that the lumbering beasts weren't seen everyday in the town square quietly plotting with one another by "hand signals" and what seemed to him to be garish, spasmotic motions of their gigantic bodies.

Isaiah learned to despise his homeworld and the army that was charged with its peaceful maintenance. Peace was boring. At the age of 37, after being retired from the planetary Army, he sought a new career as a mechanic with hopes of gaining skills in the darker side of planetary society. It was there that he had hoped to finally gain an exit from his home world that he had so hated. Failing as a mechanic, he drew on his Army experience and joined the ranks of the mercenaries. While his mercenary career only lasted four years, he gained the skills and contacts that he had so desired to make his way to the stars. A late attempt at Physical development failed, leaving him enfeebled by his advanced age, but his journey toward the stars had just begun. Currently, First Lieutenant (ret.) Stromberg can be found frequenting the planetary environs and starports of the Old Expanses addicted to the memory of the "good old days" and the hope of creating a progeny of rogues like himself.