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Terilla Sung

Background: One of Mora's school of legal sharks, though Terilla Sung couldn't be more out of her native environment. One of those "brain drain" youths that so grievously harm the smaller worlds of the Regency. Sung was mostly interested in leaving Neopidan out of boredom, and found that the legal profession was the best way up. She has steadily advanced through her firm and attendant government positions, and finally received the Deputy Defense Minister Post for her due diligence.

Appearance: A striking beauty with oriental features. Long coal black hair, a well proportioned face with prominent dimples, and an unobtrusive smile make her look like a mature holocover girl. She is rather athletic in build, though she has a noticeable limp in her right leg thanks to knee joint surgery she had a year ago. She is a conservative dresser, preferring the square cut, pseudomilitary uniforms common to Mora's matriarchy. She likes to wear heirloom jewelry set with prominent semiprecious gemstones and Nexian Green Pearls.

Personality: The lightweight description of Sung's background underscores her workaholic ethos. She has no family, no outside interests from work. Her sole hobby is music, and she has a radiant soprano voice, though she quickly became discouraged from developing a career from it. Her primary motivation is a restlessness that has driven her to be more expansive than is normal for a person. Her primary motivations seems to be one of excitement and comfort at the same time, and these irreconcilable demands tends to leave her unsatisfied. To transcend this conflict she has vague ideas of obtaining great power or fame, a project that led her to the Purifiers. Her politics before becoming involved with Danforth Lewes is one mainly of radical libertarianism, or free market objectivism. But her beliefs are largely superficial beyond their ability to translate into power or wealth for herself. She is professional, but not particularly principled. Indeed she is rather amoral. And without strong guidance from authority figures she is rather directionless. She became attracted to the JAG and military law because it gave her a purpose, and because she was attracted to the inertia inherent to military authority.

This mostly unfettered military access and her past demonstrated bureaucratic nimbleness presents Lewes and his party with a rare opportunity. With the majority of the Regency's resources locked up with the Exodus and the Quarantine, the Landrush will have very little oversight from Mora or the government. And the combination of Lewes's zeal and Sung's burning ambition can exploit this situation to the utmost. Sung has proposed turning Corridor into a "balloon" from the Regency, a fait accompli state that will siphon off support from the Regent and his government in pursuit of the limitless possibilities of exploiting the Wilds. Codenamed Operation Iridium Lazarus, the operation espouses criminal behavior, and borders upon treason.

Blessed with Lewes's support and a bottomless line of credit from the Ministry's discretionary fund and secret funding from Jordan Tukera and several other corporate interests, she has embarked upon an ambitious plan that will essentially "cut out" the Regency from events on the other side of the Frontier. She has assembled a covert unit, codenamed the Blackbirds, that will operate as the de facto government for the colonists. This will consist of trusted government, intelligence, journalistic and military personnel, supported by covert operatives and foreign mercenary units illegally transported across the Regency. The main military striking force will consist of Hessian units provided by preselected member worlds of the Regency, rather than regular forces needed here at home, in exchange for official recognition of ownership to whatever land and material these units can seize. All of these are officially subject to Regency authority, but in practice she intends that authority to be represented by little more than her fixers and operatives. She is well aware that there exists an active Virus threat in the sector, but with the enormous military forces she will be assembling from allied worlds believes that these will be easily steamrollered.

Terilla Sung 6649AB-0-F Age: 56 in 1202 (Date of Birth: 201-1146)

Neopidan/Inar (Deneb 1619)
Attorney. Currently serving in Regent Caranda Aledon Alkhalikoi's government as Deputy Defense Minister, and chief subordinate to Defense Minister Regis McCaffery.
Career Path
1164-1167 Attended University of Starn, graduating Summa Cum Laude in Pre-Law
1168-1171 Attended Netherir University, Law School
1172 Passed the Bar Exam, and went to work for Pradveni, Gouthaksa and Killdeer, a firm specializing in military law.
1174 Civilian defense counsel, Regency Navy Judge Advocate General's Office
1177 Accredited, Regency War College. Received security clearance.
1177-1183 Worked with Naval Intelligence Service. Work classified.
1185-1190 Assistant Minister of Defense, Intelligence.
1191-1193 Special Counsel to Defense Ministry.
1194-1197 Assistant Minister of Defense, Legal Affairs
1198- Serving as Deputy Defense Minister
Initiative: 2
Combat Assets: None
Other Assets
Leadership-9/20; Psychology-4/14; History-4/14; Computer-3/13; Admin/Legal-9/19; Observation-2/11; Persuation-8/19; Bargain-3/14; Interrogation-2/13; Streetwise-3/12; Recruiting-2/13; Song-4/15
Hit Capacity
Head: 8; Chest: 30; Other: 20
Weight: 68; Load: 30; Throw Range: 25; Unarmed Combat Damage: 1
5 Government; 1 Academic; 2 Criminal