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Phyllis Stein 

Phyllis Stein 6B9846 3 terms (Age 31) Police 2Lt Cr495,000

Streetwise-2, Computer-1, Perception-2, Admin-3, Bribery-1, Gun Combat (pistol)-2, Intrusion-1, Ground craft-2, Survival-1, Vacc suit-1, Investigation-1, Law-1, First aid-1, Disguise-1

Phyllis was born on an interdicted world, near the coreward border of the Imperium. She was taken as a slave, at the age of 7, by a Vargr Pirate raid, and subsequently grew up in the extents maintaining delicate crops of bargeeta plants for her Vargr masters. When she was 15 Phyllis managed to stow away on a Tramp freighter, which was taking the latest crop of bargeeta off world to be processed into a recreational narcotic. Fortunately for Phyllis the plants delicacy had meant that it had to be transported with both gravity & atmosphere maintained. On the forth day of the jump Phyllis was discovered in the hold & only escaped being thrown out of the airlock by quick talking the ships captain - Volac Gallenkampt .

On arrival at their destination Phyllis was released to look after herself, and lived at the starport by petty theft for 6 months, before being caught in a round up of Floaters. Phyllis had another stroke of good luck at this point, and was able to strike up a lasting friendship with the security team that found her, they managed to get her a job serving as a waitress at one of the local Cantinas. After working there for a couple of years Phyllis had managed to develop more of an air of respectability and was able to enlist in the local Police force.

Since then Phyllis has made moderate progress in her new role, her background has given her some incites into the criminal world, enabling her to keep her bosses happy, as well as line her own pocket. On the quiet Miss Stein maintained friendships with some characters her bosses would not approve off. She has on numerous occasions provided tip offs to save her friends from undesired police interest, and has implicated their rival gangs on several other occasions (these being mainly responsible for her promotion). From her side dealings 2nd Lieutenant Stein has managed to put together a decent little nest egg (Cr495,000!), which is kept in a number of accounts under pseudonyms. Her current aliases are: Gunnlath Rohrschnieder, Fjorgyn Lakowicz, N.A. Azide, & Ducad Escano.

She is now very careful to keep her aliases separate from her real identity, having had a close call 6 years previously. At that point she only had one alias who's funds were uncovered in a routine banking investigation (apparently started after the account funds topped Cr250,000). Not only was this a considerable financial blow but the account was nearly traced to her, fortunately for her an 'accident' happened to one of the key witnesses before she was identified, & her contacts were able to frame another police worker instead.

As well as legitimate police contacts she has other contacts who can, for a price, supply any desired local paperwork (including her other identities of course) and even get entries altered on the Starport computer records.

Phyllis has to this day a deep felt prejudice against all Vargr, on several occasions she has planted evidence against Vargr individuals for no better reason than that they reminded her of her old masters. In general she is sympathetic to Floaters, and has been known to make life awkward for those who abuse them.

Physically, Phyllis is slightly short, with a good figure, brown eyes (behind her sunglasses), long curly black hair, and a Mediterranean complexion. Due to the difference in light output between her original and current homeworlds Phyllis will typically be found wearing rose tinted mirrored sunglasses. She has a number of faded scars, on her arms and legs, from her hard early existence, but nothing that shows whilst in uniform.

Phyllis has a spartan bedsit, where she keeps her legitimate belongings. She has ensured that several acquaintances from the department have been inside, whilst pretending she didn't want them to see it.

None of her pseudonyms have significant property of their own, just a secret lockup box each. In her spare time 2nd Lieutenant Stein has been involved with 'amateur dramatics' society at a local community hall, this site is where she keeps most of her outfits for her pseudonyms, . The remainder of the dramatics group are exfloater associates, who she has found positions for or given discrete handouts to. They are generally very loyal to Phyllis.