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Peter Dantic

Peter was born into a line of hereditary executives of 'Refinished Evolutions' who are a Daibei sector wide genetics company, and closely related to the owners of his home planet (Narya/Daibei 1934 C877ADD-A). The government (religious dictatorship) is in fact a sub branch of the company, and all company executives are considered priests on Narya. The Planetary religion is based around the worship of the 'All Father' along with lesser gods titled '1st Father ...', '1st Mother ...', or 'Donante ...' from which the people are descended. Like nearly all members of the company (all incidentally residents of the company's world) he is a secretly (unregistered) genetically modified subspecies of human (originally developed by the company's founders some 1376 years ago.) The subspecies share an alteration enabling them to survive (non executives even require) normally poisonous levels of sulfur compounds. (Many executive members have developed other more exclusive modifications for their offspring as well). Due to the general mistrust of sophont genas, it is company policy to keep their staff's modification secret from offworlders, locals will employ filter masks in the vicinity of the starport, and offworlder travel is heavily restricted.

Being part of the privileged over class Peter has always had what ever he required in life, good schooling, annual of planet holidays, free use of any company facilities (even those officially issued to workers for their use) together with a well paid post in whatever branches of the company suited his skills.

Like many of his direct ancestors, Peter completed courses at several colleges throughout the subsector, before starting work. Peter has taken on the role of salesman/researcher. A role which happens to combine the sales role of his fathers side with the research his mothers side always preferred.

PCs could come across Mr Dantic on any world within or just outside the Daibei sector, where he will be in discussions with governments, megacorporations of other suitably wealthy bodies into the technical requirements of some proposed Gena. Unlike company staff the products for sale are of course sterile, often with fixed lifetimes. If things are quiet Peter may even try and sell minor standard (non sentient) pet genas to wealthier PCs.

The researcher part of his role is a less active one. Throughout his travels Peter always on the lookout for species (or occasionally individuals) with potentially saleable traits, should he find these he will try and arrange samples to be taken for return to his homeworld. Exceptional PCs may even have Mr Dantic approach them in the search for samples. (100mls of blood and/or tissue is generally sufficient.)

A tall friendly looking character, Peter has one significant failing which has lost him several contracts. He is a stickler for detail, to the point that he frequently upsets potential customers, by correcting minutiae. Whilst thinking he is rather prone to walking about, and has on several occasions managed to get lost in unfamiliar cities, whilst musing on some problem or other.

Mr Dantic is now 58. He is 5'10" tall, and is starting to put on weight (now 210lbs). He has rather uncontrolled mousy/grey hair, with a bushy moustache. Despite good eyesight He usually wears glasses as he feels it makes him look more scientific. He is most comfortable in slightly old and out of fashion clothing but will generally dress up smartly for meetings with clients. His hair does rather destroy the image however. Currently Peter is suffering the after effects of a right leg wound received during a disagreement with anti genetics activists, this causes him some discomfort but is not readily noticeable.

Peter has a wide interest in both plants and animals, as well as a above  average memory for trivia. He is a keen follower of any motorsports,  particularly rally driving. He has become a friend and private sponsor of  Percy Verance, a local rally driver who has been in the subsector's "top ten" for 4 years. (see Percy's description for how they met)

Please note: Both of Peter's parents, along with all four of his grandparents, are alive and well, though they have ceased their travelling. (His last remaining great grandparent died only 3 years ago - generations of genetic tweaking have there advantages)

Age 47
100 points

ST 9[-10]
DX 10[0]
IQ 14[45]
HT 8[-15]

Decreased Life support [10], Mild Regeneration [10], Patron (Refinished Evolutions)[5], Wealthy [20], Status 6 (on Narya only) [30/2]
Secret social stigma (Genetics) [5], Compulsive behaviour (Pedant) [5], Overweight [5], Unkempt (Hair) [1], Enemies (Infrequent governmental) [20], Lame (slightly) [2]
Xenobiology (terrestrial) 14 [2], Driving (sports cars) 10 [2], Genetics 18 [24], Genetic Engineering 16 [16], Naturalist 13 [2], Pistol 10 [1], Merchant 16 [4], piloting air/raft 10 [2], Computer opps 15 [2], Research 14 [2], powerboat 10 [2], gambling 13 [1]