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Calypso McArthur

Medical School Drop Out, ex Freedom Fighter and Scout (Operations)

UPP 7 7 9 8 A 6

Description: Human (Solomani) Male, aged 35. Average height (5'8); huge build (108 kg); olive/tan complexion; long, wavy, blonde hair and beard; and brown eyes. Wears bright, garish, patterned clothing.

Homeworld: Starport A, Size: Large (8-A), Atmosphere: Dense (8-9), Hydro: Water (A), Pop: High (9-A), Law: Mod (4-7), Tech: High Stellar (E-F)

Skills: Administration-0, Artillery-0, Athletics-0, Biology-2, Brawling-1, Carousing-0, Computer-0, Fwd Obs-1, Grav Craft-0, Gravity-0, Ground Vehicles-1, Gun Combat-0, History-0, Instruction-2, Leader-0, Mathematics-0, Medical-2, Perception-0, Persuasion-0, Sensor Ops-0, Tactics-0, Vacc-0, Watercraft-0

House Rules: Has a Charisma of A and the Trivia (Cooking) skill at level 2.

Calypso was an unusual child, considered quite eccentric from the time he hit junior high school. Well educated thanks to his parents enrolling him in an online educational program in addition to school studies, Calypso got a scholarship to university were he completed a pre-med undergraduate degree before going onto medical school.

An idealist, Calypso was half way through when he suddenly dropped out, packed his bags, and caught a low berth to a nearby backwater world, currently experiencing social turmoil and civil war. He had seen an urgent plea from one of the factions for fighters who believed in freedom over tyranny. Their struggle, which was captured in full high tech glory thanks to a supporter of theirs who lived on Calypso’s planet, struck a chord with him and he decided there and then he could make a difference.

He arrived at the starport, which was under full Imperial Control and neutral in the ongoing conflict and was nearly killed by enemy agents who had discovered that off world recruits were inbound. He was spirited to a rebel camp in the rocky wastes, given a brief introduction the military life, then sent into battle with a hundred or so off world recruits.

Seven years later as a Lieutenant, he staggered into the starport having travelled on foot for six weeks after his faction was brutally crushed after their opposition received off world corporate assistance. He had served in an artillery unit until his medical skills were discovered, with Calypso relegated to the rear to treat the injured and train locals in first aid. This saved his life as the enemy killed almost all the front line fighters in just two days of combat, following the introduction of G carriers into the conflict.

After six months recuperation he joined the Scouts and was commissioned into the Operations branch, where he has been for the past 4 years, making the rank of Administrator. He has enjoyed his time in the scouts but is looking to move on, perhaps taking up a position of a starship medic and see where life takes him from there.

He has a Tech 6 Motorbike in reasonable condition that he rides whenever he can, and has enough fuel to last about a thousand kilometers. He is talkative, especially when he drinks, and tends to interrupt people with his own anecdotes, especially long and detail rich war stories where he is brutally honest when relating events. Calypso is addicted to tobacco, an affectation picked up during his time as a freedom fighter, and smokes using an elaborate rose wood pipe.