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Rargrahl grew-up a pup in the small Vargr ghetto of an Imperial world. He had not amounted to much in the pack he ran with growing up so he was pleased and surprised when he was accepted into the merchant academy of one of the regional trade federations. His spirit was nearly crushed when he could not hack it in the first year at the academy, failed out and was reassigned directly to a ship as a steward.

His captain, however, was a truly remarkable Vargr who understood where Rargrahl came from and what he might become. In his second year, Rargrahl was made a deck officer and for years, that is where he stayed just barely making his way. Along the way during the next seven years, Rargrahl found his voice and his charisma. Once this had happened he quickly drew other to him, both Vargr and human. Rargrahl had found his niche, had grown in wisdom and experience and had finally begun to reap his own successes.

Within nine more years of steady advancement, Rargrahl was a captain himself leading a mixed species crew as successful as the crew lead by the captain who seventeen years earlier had taken a young very uncharismatic Rargrahl into his own crew.

After twenty-four years with the trade federation that had given this once failed Vargr his start, Rargrahl has retired as Senior Captain, earned his own ship and gathered a loyal hard working crew around him. Vargr, human and like defer to him and respect this honest, fair and successful merchant.


Players' characters might encounter Rargrahl anywhere in the Imperium. He makes a good patron, he might have just plucked a choice cargo the players had been expecting to carry or players might serve as crewmembers in one of those rare instances when Rargrahl has an opening. Referees should play him as wise, hardened and charismatic with an eye toward the possibilities of someone that perhaps does not obviously have much going for him. Longer-term members of Rargrahl's crew will know that anyone Rargrahl takes aboard as crew has something to offer even when they cannot see what it is.

Rargrahl (Vargr Merchant Senior Captain (O6)) 587A9A (CHA F) 6 Terms Age 43 Cr6000

Jack of Trades-4, Liaison-3, Trader-2, Streetwise-2, Steward-2, Legal-2, Gambling-2, Ship's Boat-1, Polearm-1, Helicopter-1, Commo-1, Carousing-1, Broker-1, Admin-1, Vacc Suit-0, Jet Aircraft-0, Handgun-0, Computer-0

65,000CR, Fat Trader-1, High Passage-1

Homeworld codes: Port: B, Size: Large, Atmosphere: Dense, Hydrographics: Wet, Population: Low, Law: Mod, Tech Level: Average Stellar.