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Yohan Gleiser

This article originally appeared in the March 2011 issue of the downloadable magazine.

Yohan “Butcher” Gleiser 698876 Age 40
5 Terms Merchant Engineering 3rd Mate

Grav Vehicle-1, Streetwise-1, Computer-1, Rifle-2, Electronics-2, Mechanical-3, Cudgel-2, Brawling-0, Engineering-1, Carousing-1, Vacc Suit-2, Bowling-1, Cook-3 (BBQ), Linguistics-2 (Dutch) (Chinese), Cigar Afficianado-2, Hunting-1

Yohan hated the sea, whether on it, under it, or even near it. Tethys, where he grew up, unfortunately, was a gigantic Water World. A skilled mechanic, Yohan worked at the Tethys Downport (aka Crabtown) maintaining the Planetary Aquatic Force’s various craft, and in his off time would go on trips to the various islands. His favorite was one of the largest, New Amsterdam, where, as a child, he would go with the family on their yearly getaways; exploring bustling Boughmont, or knocking about in the back country or along the shoreline. Grandfather enjoyed hunting, and taught Yohan to hunt at age eight.

Yohan was especially close to his Grandfather, and when the old fellow passed, Yohan inherited the heavy, large-calibre gauss rifle which his Grandfather had in turn inherited.

Some men found solace in the sea, but not Yohan. He had always felt the night sky had a hold on him; the big black immeasurable and serene.

So after twenty years working for the Tethyn Government, Citizen Gleiser retired and went into space. With his mechanical ability, Yohan was soon hired on as Engineering 4th Mate. Eventually accquiring on-the-job expertise in Engineering, he was promoted to Engineering 3rd Mate.

Like most Tethyns, Yohan is pale, with sharp cheekbones, and deep-set, light colored eyes. Unlike most, however, Yohan is exceedingly short—approximately 1.3m. He is balding, and likes to wear an “Olde Eryth Diner” ballcap. He has prominent, large ears.

When not working, Yohan tends towards bowling shirts. A cigar is ever-present.

If possible, Yohan will go hunting on any planetary stop-over; feeling that fresh meat is just better. If unable to go hunting, Gleiser will wind up bringing some tethered or caged local animal(s) back to the ship for later use; usually butchering the things in the cargo bay, then stretching them out over the Number 4 Heat Exchange back in Engineering to slowly cook. This inevitably fills Engineering with the smell of cooking meat, and will eventually, and quite insidiously permeate the entire ship.

Yohan’s nickname is “Butcher” or “The Butcher” for obvious reasons.

If questioned as to the cleanliness of such a cooking method, Yohan will always reply “Hell, they ate like this all the time back in the 20th Century, and it didn’t do anything to them—’cuz here we are.” Passengers, of course aren’t given access to this delicious BBQ unless the Captain invites them to dinner.

Yohan is able to fall asleep and stay asleep anywhere. No ordinary alarm seems capable of waking Yohan, and he must be physically woken up.

Yohan enjoys bowling, if not very good at it.

In addition to Anglic, Yohan speaks Dutch and Chinese.