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Sohair Chen

This article originally appeared in the April 2011 issue of the downloadable magazine.

Sohair Chen 578996 Age 46
7 Terms Computer Technician/ Consultant
Rifle-0, Grav Vehicle-0, Brawling-0, Computer-5, Electronics-4, Sensors-4, Intrusion-1, Streetwise-1, Linguistics-3 (Arabic) (Greek) (Chinese), Survival-1, Persuade-1, Vacc Suit-1, Jewelry-4, Racquetball-3, Carousing-1

Sohair grew up on Xerxes in The Warrens, a chain of 30 some islands connected to the sprawl that ran down the Washington peninsula, and was interconnected by more than 200 traffic and foot bridges.The maze of tiny islands was some 15 km from the Downport at Armagh, and a world away from the seedy Startown district around the Port.

Sohair began dabbling in potent potables while still at private school, and while indifferent to the beers and wines consumed by her peers, discovered the frontier that was double-malt whiskey; making and selling jewelry around campus for the extra spending money required of her Cr10-a-shot hobby.

Before long, Miss Chen dropped out of school and became a full-time barfly, lowering her standards to the point where she’d drink, smoke, take, or do anything working to continue living the high life.

After three and a half years of living on the streets (and after at least a dozen times being rescued after having fallen off a bridge, loaded, in The Warrens), and some time spent in the Ironwood, Sohair managed to regain a tentative hold on her life and returned to school, graduating two years later with Expert accreditation in computers and electronics.

Sohair works as a private computer and security expert around The Warrens, up and down the Washington sprawl, and consulting at Armagh Down with Starship owners. The Starport Authority has twice hired Sohair as a consultant on their computer, sensor, and security system overhauls.

When not on the job, she’ll try selling her jewelry to rich swells she sees coming and going around the Port.

Sohair likes the many cups of coffee she drinks each day black, and honestly, it seems as if she’s never without a cup.

Sohair is a fierce Racquetball player, and has a wicked backhand.

Sohair is 1.6m tall, and roughly 75 kilos, with thick, shoulder length dirty blonde hair and dark eyes. She wears high-end business attire, and has a pair of portable computers, one worn on each forearm. A set of technical tools is carried inside a roll-up mat that fits inside a sturdy, 80cm-long, tubular transport case. When off the job she’ll wear comfortable clothes and heavy boots.

Having been one herself, Sohair has a soft spot for Street Prophets, and will usually be happy to engage them while offering up a few Credits.

Doing business, Miss Chen usually uses a private car service, but on her own time will most often be seen walking, busing, or riding an old-fashioned bicycle—a vehicle still common in The Warrens, with its tight, winding streets and foot traffic.

In addition to Anglic, Sohair speaks Arabic, Greek and Chinese.