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Arisia Boston

This article originally appeared in the July 2011 issue of the magazine.

Arisia Boston 7B8985 Age 38
Human Female
5 Terms Musician and Poet

Rifle-0, Grav Vehicle-0, Brawling-2, Computer-0, Electronics-2, Stealth-1, Intrusion-1, Streetwise-2, Linguistics-2(Polish)(Russian), Persuade-3, Vacc Suit-1, Carousing-4, Dance-3, Sing-5, Play Guitar-4, Write Poetry-4, Make Fudge-3

Arisia grew up on the large, blue world of Thurston, some 200 kilometers down the Big Island’s southern coast from picturesque New Kingston Bay, with its pristine beaches. Here such beaches had long since given way to rocky, reed-choked sands.

One of the local delicacies dug from amongst the rocks was the decidedly unappetizing-looking Jeffries Sand Lizard, which, belying its heavily armored appearance, was, following some variation on the usual drum-pan preparation, quite delicious. A necessity during lean times, the Boston family sold innumerable scores of the things from her father’s food stand during observance of the Lunar Holiday Festival, as people from the larger cities, like Quinan and Old King Andrew flocked to the beach in a Bacchanalian rush.

When not caught up in helping at her father’s, or doing schoolwork, Arisia could usually be found pretty much sticking to herself and writing poetry in her journal.

Getting together with like-minded friends in her early teens, Arisia acted as writer and front-woman for their garage band “Wedge”. Her soulful, bluesy voice, showing a maturity far beyond her years, made the band popular with locals and visitors alike.

Within a few years “Wedge” had just about conquered Thurston, and, following several more years of touring offworld, are now known within a large part of the Imperium.

“Wedge” has a total of nine members, ten if you count BaRT-65, the band’s Robotic Drummer; who joined the band initially because drummers tend to be the most temperamental members. The band is currently touring, performing songs from their new album Big Head Might Break My Jaw.

Arisia doesn’t smoke, nor does she drink to excess, though she is known to have some brandy now and then.

Arisia loves old Atomic and Industrial Era Blues tunes, and often does covers of things most people aren’t familiar with. She also enjoys reading trashy romance novels.

Arisia is curvy, with auburn hair, and tall for a woman. She considers all the members of the band to be equals, and when photographers and reporters focus on her, rather than the band, she occasionally gets perturbed.