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Silea Crossflow

Merchant 7
1.65 m
62 kg
Voluptuous, short black hair, blue eyes, second eyelid, exotic tattoos, webbed hands and feet.
Daramm (0812) Spearhead/Ley A76AA76-E
Galanglic, Standard Luriani, Old High Vilani
STR 12, DEX 10, CON 12, INT 16, EDU 17, WIS 10, CHA 14, SOC 8
Key Skills
Driving-7, Entertain(Flute)-12, Intuit Direction-5, K/Interstellar Law-13, Liaison-12, Navigation-5, Pilot-15, P/Admin-5, Swim-10, T/Astrogation-13, T/Communications-8, T/Computer-13, T/Sensors-11
{Includes attribute bonuses but not skill-enhancing feats listed below (since they don't always apply). Silea effectively has Pilot-19 when flying the Avarice Rewarded.}
Armor Prof (Light, Vac Suit)
Vessel (Grav, Ship's Boat, Starship, Watercraft)
Weapon Prof (Marksman)
Barter - +2 on Trader and Broker checks
Hobby (Entertain (Flute)) - makes it a class skill
Luriani racial abilities - dive long and deep, resist cold, skill bonuses etc
Narrow Escape - instinctively avoid dodgy encounters in space
Vessel Spec (A2 Far Trader) - +2 to Pilot checks in an A2 Far Trader
Ship Tactics - add INT bonus to all ship attack and defence rolls
Skill Focus (Pilot) - +2 to pilot checks
Lifeblood: 12
Stamina: 34
Saves: Fort +5, Ref + 2, Will +4
Attacks: BAB +1
No armour: AC 10, AR 0, Skill Check -0, Speed 9m
TL-12 Vac Suit: AC 13, AR 3, Skill Check -3, Speed 6m
Equipment / Possessions:
Usual gizmos, funky clothes, TL-14 vac suit, snub pistol, Cr3,000.

Luriani are a human-related race who were geneered hundreds of thousands of years ago to be amphibious. They have an extra eyelid, webbed hands and feat, additional subcutaneous fat, they can collapse their lungs and seal off their eardrums to dive deep. They cannot normally interbreed with humans. Luriani have a vaguely Polynesian seafaring/starfaring culture. They make excellent pilots.

Silea comes from their main world, from a poor background which was not quite poor enough to keep her away from the datanets. University was out of the question with family to support, so she signed up on a merchant ship.

She has been working in space ever since for various small merchant outfits, turning into a real hotshot pilot. She is always looking to learn and to improve her skills.

She seems very calm and measured, but it is whispered that she has been known to really lose it once in a while.