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Maelcum Rivers

Rogue 3/Army 4
Mixed Humaniti
1.7 m
70 kg
Slightly slim, dark-skinned with short frizzy black hair, yellow eyes, clean shaven.
Liar’s Oath (1021 Ley) C4247A7-8
Galanglic, Irilitok
STR 13, DEX 17, CON 15, INT 14, EDU 9, WIS 10, CHA 10, SOC 8
Key Skills
Bluff-6, Hide-9, Intimidate-6, Leader-12, Liaison-4, Listen-6, Move Silently-9, Search-8, Spot-10, Survival-10,
{Includes attribute bonuses but not skill-enhancing feats listed below (since they don't always apply).}
Armor Prof (Light, Medium, Vac Suit)
Vessel (Ground)
Weapon Prof (Combat Rifleman, Lasers, Marksman, Swordsman)
Martial Training - +1 to BAB every 4 levels, currently +1
Stealthy - +2 to Hide and Move Silently
Smuggling - +2 to Hide stuff from officials
Spot Trouble - roll to foresee, avoid or reverse ambushes
Alertness - +2 to Listen and Spot checks
Command Presence - +2 to Leader checks
Lifeblood: 15
Stamina: 35
Saves: Fort +4, Ref +10, Will +2
Attacks: BAB +5, +3 DEX, +1 Martial Training
No armour: AC 13, AR 0, Skill Check -0, Speed 9m
Flak vest: AC 17, AR 4, Skill Check -0, Speed 9m
Combat Environment Suit: AC 18, AR 6, Skill Check -3, Speed 6m
Equipment / Possessions
Usual gizmos, practical clothes (some military surplus), Combat Environment Suit, chameleon smock, fine sporting Rifle with Advanced HUD, Autopistol, assorted ammo. Luggage comes to about 9.999kg.

Maelcum was born and raised on Keryn's Tyr, a mid-tech world with a tainted atmosphere, where the entire society lives in arcologies.  At 18, he fell in with a bad lot and made his initial living as a smuggler. He earned a reputation for being slippery as lubricating gel and seeing trouble before it arrived. This may explain why he quit the business just before they were busted and joined the planetary army (induction on another continent).

The same characteristics that served him well as a smuggler also made him a candidate, in the army's eyes, to be a sniper, and he was given that training. But eight years in the army awakened something in Maelcum - leadership qualities. He was decorated, commissioned, and promoted to the rank of major.

He saw service on his home world and in mercenary units they hired out to other planets, in a mixture of counter-insurgency and "police actions". Like all soldiers from his homeworld, he was trained to operate in hostile atmospheric conditions.

After an additional seven years and ten months in the military, meeting a certain woman aboard a homebound ship awakened something else in Maelcum. He mustered out two months later and set off after her. She went to Miip and he followed. The hoped for relationship didn't work out, and Maelcum has been looking to get off Miip.