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Iain "Fish" Anderson

Merchant 6
Mixed Humaniti (Luriani Verasti Dtareen culture)
1.70 m
69 kg
Stocky, short brown hair, blue eyes, clean shaven.
Luur (0811) Spearhead/Ley A56A770-C
Galanglic, Standard Luriani, Old High Vilani


STR 13, DEX 11, CON 13, INT 10, EDU 18, WIS 12, CHA 12, SOC 6
Key Skills
Gambling-6, Liaison-6, P/Admin-6, Sense Motive-11, T/Computer-14, T/Electronics-14, T/Engineering-14, T/Gravitics-14, T/Mechanical-14, Trader-5
{Includes attribute bonuses but not skill-enhancing feats listed below (since they don't always apply).}
Armor Prof (Light, Vac Suit)
Vessel (Grav, Watercraft)
Weapon Prof (Marksman)
Barter - +2 to Trader and Broker checks
First Aid - can use med kits untrained, acts as T/Medical-0
Hobby (Sense Motive) - makes it a class skill
Gearhead - +2 to T/Engineering and T/Mechanical when trying to break, fix or pervert a piece of equipment
Jury Rig - fixes stardrives with chewing gum
Miracle Worker - fixes stardrives with flavorless chewing gum
Zero/low G adaptation - reduces penalties for zero/low gravity
Lifeblood: 13
Stamina: 35
Saves: Fort +5, Ref + 2, Will +5
Attacks: BAB +1
No armour: AC 10, AR 0, Skill Check -0, Speed 9m
TL-12 Vac Suit: AC 13, AR 3, Skill Check -3, Speed 6m
Equipment / Possessions
Usual gizmos, greasy clothes, TL-14 vac suit, shotgun, about Cr65,000 banked.

The Versati Dtareen are a genetically standard human group living as part of the Luriani culture. They have the mentality but not the amphibious adaptations. Iain was dubbed "Fish" as a child when he tried to swim like the Luriani kids, and failed.

He's an irreverent, awkward sod. He knows everything about machines (self-taught) and will tell you if you don't escape fast enough.

He got a job on a freighter to get off his planet before somebody broke his legs and he's been hiding in engine rooms ever since.

He and Silea Crossflow are a couple, but many people wonder what she sees in him.