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Sir David Shetland

Noble 1/Scout 8
Mixed Humaniti
1.75 m
70 kg
Average build, short cropped blonde hair, green eyes, clean shaven.
Ipsham (0533) Satyressia/Ley A594342-C
Galanglic, Oynprith [Droyne]
STR 13, DEX 12, CON 10, INT 14, EDU 14, WIS 14, CHA 12, SOC 16
Key Skills
Driving-6, Gather Information-13, Gunnery-10, Knowledge(Droyne)-5, Liaison-15, Pilot-7, P/Admin-7, P/Survey-12, Sense Motive-7, T/Astrogation-6, T/Communications-5, T/Computer-4, T/Mechanical-5, T/Medical-5, T/Sensors-15
{Includes attribute bonuses but not skill-enhancing feats listed below (since they don't always apply).}
Armor Prof (Light, Vac Suit)
Vessel (Grav, Ground, Starship)
Weapon Prof (Marksman, Ship's Weapons, Swordsman)
Carousing - +2 to Gather Information in social situations
Contact Specialist - +4 to all Liason or reaction checks when dealing with someone for the first time
Jack of all Trades - use skills which require training as if character has rank 0
Martial Training - +1 to BAB every 4 levels, currently +2
Negotiator - +2 to all Liason and P/Administration Checks
Noble Presence - use SOC bonus instead of CHA bonus for Leader and Liason checks
Trustworthy - +2 to Liason and Gather Information when interacting with others
Lifeblood: 10
Stamina: 34
Saves: Fort +2, Ref +5, Will +8
Attacks: BAB +6/+1, +1 DEX, +2 Martial Training
No armour: AC 11, AR 0, Skill Check -0, Speed 9m
TL-12 Hostile Environement Suit: AC 16, AR 5, Skill Check -3, Speed 3m (heavy load)
Equipment / Possessions
Usual gizmos, assorted scruffy clothes, one smart noble outfit, one type A2 Far Trader with a Cr 48 million loan. Later gained a TL-12 Hostile Environment suit.

David Shetland was born into a noble family on a world with a dense, tainted atmosphere and 1000 inhabitants, most of whom are in the chemicals trade. His childhood and adolescence was uneventful, but instead of attending university as most other scions of the nobility did, he joined the Scouts. There have been rumors, never confirmed, of a scandal connected with his application to university.

His first terms were spent learning the ropes of being a Scout, but he eventually found a niche in planetary survey and contact. This stood him in good stead when he was detached at his family's request to welcome a Droyne enclave to Ipsham, and act as liaison between the Droyne and the human community there.

He was recalled to active duty with the Scouts to perform intelligence-gathering duties during the Solomani Rim War. Although there were no complaints about his performance, the bureaucracy ground on, and at age 46 it caught up with him and required him to muster out.  During his final week as a Scout, he won a Type A2 Far Trader - and its mortgage - in a card game. While the minimum required paperwork to muster Sir David out was completed, he never claimed the remainder of his benefits from the Scout Service.