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Munush Lum

This character was created for the TML Characterization Contest.

Munush Lum, Security Officer, Kushuggi Sharurshid (Solomani Rim branch of Sharurshid)

Classic Traveller

6EAC97 Age 38

Forgery 4,Streetwise 2, Bribery 2, Gun Combat (body pistol) 1, Admin 3, JoT 2, Brawling 3


ST 8 DX15 IQ 14 HT 12

Advantages: Collected, Strong Will (2 levels), Charisma (2 levels), Security Clearance (Sharurshid, 4 levels)

Disadvantages: Sense of Duty (Sharurshid), Enemy (enemy agents, 6 or less), Overconfident

Skills: Area Knowledge (Solomani Rim) 15, Streetwise 14, Acting 16, Sex Appeal 14, Forgery 16, Administration 14, Holdout 16, Intelligence Analysis 16, Guns (body pistol) 17, Brawling 15, Pilot (grav vehicles) 14, Cryptography 16, Computer Hacking 14

Munush Lum is a small woman, with the features and dark tones denoting significant Vilani ancestry. Her eyes, however, are a startlingly clear blue. She typically wears a tight fitting corporate grey coverall, her only ornamentation an onyx Sharurshid logo pin at the collar (concealing an advanced communications and eavesdropping system). Only if she feels the situation warrents it will Munush carry a weapon. She has an air of almost transcendental calm about her and moves with a flowing grace that only years of training in martial arts can grant.

Munush will not usually carry much on her. Rarely more than the minimum ID requirements of whatever world she is on, a few credits (enough for a couple of days in a midlevel hotel and restaurant) and maybe a datawafer so packed with defensive code it would take top INI cryptologists weeks to break.

However, she often goes in disguise, and then she will be carrying anything typical of a person of the social class she is imitating. This includes some pictures of family (faked), extensive IDs, including library cards, old credit sticks, expired food coupons (faked), all with extensively researched backgrounds (faked). Sometimes a body pistol, one that at first glance is a cheap nightshift special, but closely examined proves to be of the highest workmanship seen.

Munush Lum is an expert in the traditional Vilani business philosophy of Shugiki. Roughly translated into Galanglic this might be called trade war. Overly aggressive competitors will find Ms. Lum charming her way past port guards or into corporate headquarters. There she will subvert their information systems, reroute vital shipments, turn chief officers or even orchestrate assassinations (always a regretable last choice).

She was born on Gram, in the Sword Worlds. Her father, a prominent officer in their military intelligence, her mother a high ranking Sharurshid administrator. Soon after she was born, her parents parted ways. Unfortunately it was a bitter breakup, her mother attempting to flee into the Imperium with Munush. Her father kidnapped the child, and raised her for a score of years on Gram. When she was 19 her parent had something of a reconciliation, and allowed her to choose her path. She chose Sharurshid.

Far more traditional than most other Vilani corporations, Sharurshid is a 'cradle to grave' corporation. They are your family and take care of all your needs. In return, the 'employee' is employed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This can breed fanatical loyalty, and has in Munush's case.

One of the best in the business, she is often called upon by the highest reaches of corporate management to carry out any number of tasks. And not just against rival corporations. Even Imperial nobles will sometimes come to her attention.