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Zan Gaylin Remem

This article originally appeared in the November/December 2021 issue.

Zan Gaylin Remem AC77A6 Age 26
Darrian/Female, 2 terms Entertainer (Psion/Adept)
Science(Psionicology)-1, Telepathy-2, Telekinesis-0, Art(Singing)-1, Steward-1, Medic-0, Carouse-0

A tall and thin Darrian female (200 cm/63.5 kg,) Remem has the svelte frame, fair skin, and slightly pointed ears that are common to her race. She has golden eyes and hair. She wears clothing that attempts to suggest that she is a common spacer, a charade that she works hard to sustain.

Born on Darrian in the Spinward Marches, Remem attended University and developed a keen interest in history and anthropology. After graduation, she began researching the Imperium’s suppression of psions, especially compared to the Zhodani cultivation of psionic talent. At first, she traveled openly as an academic through the Darrian Confederation and later in the Zhodani Consulate.

As her research took her into the Imperium, she assumed the role of a singer and continued her research illicitly. After several years, her academic interests led her to the Trojan Reach and the planets of the pocket empires that existed there on the fringe of the Imperium.

Like many Darrians, Remem is well educated. She researches Psionic Institutes and is very interested in what happened to the ones that used to exist in the Imperium and ones that have been established underground since the Psionic Suppressions (800-826.) She actively searches for clues that might allow her to visit these and document their fates.

Her inquiries have brought her to the attention of both the Zhodani and Imperium authorities. Both sides want to know what she is discovering and who she is connecting with. She has rebuffed approaches by both sides over the course of her travels, but the attempts have become more probing and intense as time passes.

On the Solar Envoy, Remem does the job of the ship’s Steward, a profession she learned during her travels as an Entertainer.