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Tine Korphylo

This article originally appeared in the November/December 2021 issue.

Tine Korphylo 667B95 Age: 28 yrs
Human/Female, 2 terms Drifter/Scavenger
Profession(Belter)-0, Vacc Suit-1, Survival-0, Pilot-1, Medic-0,Admin-1, Astrogation-3, Mechanic-0, Gun Combat-0, Diplomat-1

Tine is a petite human female (170 cm/40 kg) with black hair and grey eyes. She dresses to emphasize her feminine shape, often wearing heels to give the impression that she’s taller than she really is.

Tine was raised in a well-to-do family on Jewell in the Spinward Marches, where she attended University and made friends who have since prospered. She then joined the Scout Service. Her time in the Scouts went poorly, however, and she inadvertently started a minor conflict in the Trojan Reach. After resigning, she found a job with a salvage outfit and met Jhonjo Rison. Between being drummed out of the Scouts and working for a shady salvage company, Tine’s family cut ties with her.

Tine would like nothing better than to prove to her family that she is good at something, something worthy of their notice and love once again. She takes risks in hopes of gaining notice but has not had to face any major consequences for her actions—yet.

Tine is the pilot/astrogator of the Solar Envoy. She has been with the Envoy for only two years, but is already looked upon as the ship’s mascot. For her part, she feels that the ship is her real home and that Jana and Jhonjo are her surrogate family. She is intensely loyal to them, even if she likes to act rebellious when around others.