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This article originally appeared in the November/December 2021 issue.

Kaokhtriyh 877844 Age 30
Aslan/Male, 4 terms Agent/Law Enforcement
Survival-0, Vacc Suit-0, Streetwise-1, Investigate-1, Melee(Unarmed)-1, Gunner-1, Gun Combat-2

Called Kao (pronounced Kay-O) by humans, he is a tall and well-muscled Aslan male (205 cm/113 kg.) He wears clothing and speaks both Trokh and Galanglic in a style more common in the Darrian Confederation than in the Hierate.

An Aslan warrior from the Darrian Confederation and a former policeman, he is now contracted with the Zan clan to protect their progeny as she explores the worlds between the Confederation, the Imperium, the Hierate, and the Florian League. He has been with her for five years, and he enjoys the freedom working with Zan Remem gives him.

His interactions with Aslan from the Hierate and the Reach systems are complicated. He feels that they are prideful fools. They respond by treating him as an Outcast, a soft weakling that serves a female. Kao tries to ignore the insults, but they grate on him and he is, at times, harsher as he deals with other Aslan than the situation might call for.

He is in no hurry to return to policing duties on Darrian. Kao was a good cop but was stifled by the structure and oversight of his job. Now that he has been on his own, his driving desire is to find ways to keep his freedom. He is very experienced in the field of personal protection. His loyalty and dedication to his charge is absolute. Kao will protect his charge at all costs, including his own life if necessary.

When he finally does return, he plans on applying to the Special Arm and continuing to work outside the Confederation’s borders. For now, Kao fills the role of the ship’s Gunner and Remem’s protector and won’t compromise either for any reason.