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Jhonjo Rison

This article originally appeared in the November/December 2021 issue.

Jhonjo Rison 766A65 Age 42
Human/Male, 6 terms Navy/Engineer
Mechanic-2, Streetwise-0, Vacc Suit-2, Pilot-0, Gun Combat-3, Melee (blade)-1, Heavy Weapons-0, Electronics (sensors)-1, Engineer-3, Leadership-1, Persuade-1

A broad shouldered, grey haired human male (195 cm/100 kg) with an eye patch, Jhonjo usually wears coveralls and workboots. In addition to his toolbelt, he carries tools in his pockets and is usually seen with a sensor pad or some other testing tool.

Jhonjo’s checkered past includes tours in the Army and Navy. While in the Navy, he received a battlefield commission on account of his heroism and was promoted to Sublieutenant. Honorably discharged, he drifted between free traders and salvage outfits for a short time before joining the Solar Envoy.

Some dockside gossips hint that he took up with pirates, but he will not answer any questions on the topic. Jhonjo rarely talks about family or his home world, saying only that he was never meant to enjoy being “dirtside” for too long. He rarely smiles and is somewhat of a loner. He has three ship shares and acts as Jana’s sounding board for major decisions.

Jhonjo is the engineer of the Solar Envoy. He is trying to leave his past behind and worries that events from his past might resurface and the effect that might have on the rest of the crew.

He puts aside personal concerns out of a sense of duty and will do whatever it takes to help the ship succeed, even if it means risking himself in the process. Given these circumstances, he rarely leaves the ship when in port and never travels alone.